Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camp Pedicab - Organic Engines Recumbent Pedicab

I shuttled the kids back and forth to camp at PS 41 for 2 weeks in our Organic Engines Recumbent Pedicab.
Here's a great shot of Jackson and Jody on the way home from camp.They were lots of fun to pedicab around, as you can see they have a great time together!

Thanks Aimee (Jody's mom).
Great Photo!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Child Friendly,Family Bike Ride on Governor's Island,NY

Johannes and Kate came to visit, so we made them ride bikes! Governor's Island is a great cycling escape from BIG CITY life....

And a great NYC family bike ride with a great opportunity to cycle through Battery Park City Authority through Battery Park to the Governors Island Ferry!

A tad small for a real bike ride but it's great for kids to cycle around at their own pace!

Don't forget it gets very hot and they have no drinking water or sprinklers.

A good trip for an afternoon or morning ,but the whole day could get a little boring.

I'm on the Longbikes Recumbent Tandem with Jackson,Johannes is riding The Zigo Leader,Rachel and Kate are on their Easyracer Toureasy recumbents.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Staten Island,Family Cycling Day Trip

July 3, 2009

Today we packed the LongBikes Recumbent Tandem with everything we needed and rode to South Beach on Staten Island,NY
We had a small beach, tent,baseball gloves and ball,food,rain gear and even a large umbrella. We took the 11;30 boat to our great new and FREE vacation spot.
I decided to use the tandem because it's fast and can be loaded with an amazing amount of gear.
After we got off the ferry we took some very deserted almost car free streets that run along the bay for most of the ride.We got to see the barges being loaded up for Macys 4th of July fireworks!

The beach was quiet almost no people and there are bike lanes right on the boardwalk(most beaches ,bikes are restricted) wow! The board walk runs about 2 miles with the beach on one side and lot of kids parks on the other.
After the boardwalk the bike lane drops down onto the sand and becomes a paved road for about another 2 miles.

No Tourists,No Helicopters,No Tourists,No Noise No Tourists, No noise,No Helicopters!!

If any of you think you can handle all this quiet so close to home, this is a great cycling day trip let me know and I'll lead it!