Saturday, March 27, 2010

Billys Cargo Bike - NYC

I dabbled in the cargo bike business for a few years with Revolution Cargo/Rickshaws.We had lots of bakery's as clients and constructed some very creative ways of transporting cupcakes and other baked goods.

For NYC delivery via UMP Small Haul click here....

 Billys Bakery's new cargo Trike

Billy's Bakery finally bought their own cargo trike for local delivery's at the Tribeca location. They're very excited about going Green. You may see their new cargo trike rolling around lower Manhattan!
These vehicles get the job done with ease!

For on demand local delivery in NYC 
UMP Cargo Service
via "The Urban Brute"


  1. Hello,
    Where do I buy those electric cargo bikes you have in Billys Bakery?

    Please send answer to:


  2. Silly - that's a cargo TRIKE in the picture! Purchased, of course, from Revolution Rickshaws: Manhattan EcoTaxi & MicroDistribution