Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not A Good Sign

After seeing Ellen bicycle commuting home in the freezing cold last night how could I even think of not riding to work today! As I approached the bikeway at Stuyvesant H.S. I came across something that was defiantly Not a Good Sign!

The headwind was so strong I was almost brought to a complete standstill in certain areas!

I've been in much worse.Like the time I was crossing the GW Bridge in one of the NOREASTER's in the 90's.The wind was blowing so hard that I kept my eye on the railing just in case I became Airborne!!

One good thing about it is that I know the ride home would be a snap, with a great TAILWIND!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy New Year -NYC

New Year Numbers Arrive in Times Square

The numbers "one" and "zero" arrived in Times Square by pedicab. The numbers will be installed for the New Year's Eve ball drop.

Glad to see the city has finally figured out a way to get this done without shutting down Midtown Manhattan and driving us all nuts!!
Now if they could please incorporate the same brilliance and common sense thinking into getting the Tree into Rockefeller Center!!

 The numbers 'one' and 'zero' arrive via pedicab, driven by Peter Netzer,left, and Gregg Zukowski, to be installed atop Times Square for the New Year's Eve ball drop in New York Wednesday Dec. 16, 2009. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

I'm taking my pedicab to do some shopping at Whole Foods
Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fuel Up-Ride to Eat!

 I've been extremely impressed with the amount of calories I can consume after riding long distance at a really fast pace.I've spent entire evenings standing in front of the fridge eating almost everything in it and never feeling full ! As I find all these articles on cycling from every  possible angle I become taken back for a second, 

Is someone reading my mind?

New Culinary Cycling Adventure Series Features NYC in First Installment-



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays from Battery Park City NY

The Promenade 
Recumbent New York City


Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Storm-West Side Bikeway NYC

I was wondering if my lock would open two days after the storm.
The Bikeway was plowed very nicely and the streets were cleared as well. A great job by

      Hudson River Parks & NYC Dept of Sanitation!

Look at that clean road ,W O W !

Runners Station at Chambers Street

I decided to use my Organic Engines Recumbent Pedicab , just not sure what was in store for me and I wanted to be sure nothing would stop me!!!

Well a good thing because on my way home I gave some poor FROZEN tourist a ride to a spot where he could view the Statue Of Liberty. I also ran into one of our friends with her heavy 3 year old in her arms.She had been carrying him for about 5 blocks and couldn't  find a Taxi Cab,she asked if I could take them over to West Thames Street. She laughed all the way!Hope you had fun Lauren!!
Good thing I took the Pedicab!


Friday, December 18, 2009

The Battery Park City Conservancy - Misunderstood !

Misunderstood by Gateway Plaza?? 

With all the stress we are all under this sort of thing can really get to you....
Thank you to everyone at the conservancy for all the AMAZING things you do to keep this such a great place to live!
Reprinted from The Broadsheet our favorite local newspaper!
Hope this clears things up! 

To the editor:
I am one of the many cyclists that live in Gateway Plaza. We've just learned that the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy will be removing our bicycle racks that we use on a daily basis. We've been calling and e-mailing them but are not getting any response. Battery Park City prides itself on being the greenest neighborhood in America. Removing these bike racks makes no sense!

One of the reasons my family lives here is so we don't have to deal with the mass transit system and can come and go as we like on one of the nation's busiest and most beautiful bikeways! If anything BPC needs lots more bike parking to encourage more of the community to get out and enjoy the beautiful neighborhood we live in! Distressed, Shelly Mossey

From the editor:
We looked into this, and apparently there has been some misunderstanding of what is happening and why. Leticia Remauro, spokesperson for the Battery Park City Authority (of which the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy is a part), said in an e-mail: "BPCPC is currently installing additional bike racks for public use around River Terrace and North End Avenue near Murray Street. The public should be advised that public bicycle racks are not for overnight storage of bikes. The public should be further advised that, when necessary, the BPC Park Enforcement Patrol (PEP) will, after tagging the bikes to notify the owners, remove bikes stored on the public racks." Ms. Remauro went on to say that the policy is to discourage people from using "the racks for their long-term personal storage. They take spaces from others, which defeats the purpose of having bike racks to encourage bike use. It's similar to parking your car. If you leave it too long, it is removed."

The Fisherman

Today was the coldest commute this year!

16 Degree's! Yesterday felt much colder because of the wind.
I thought I'd pay tribute to this guy.
A cycling fisherman looking for a fish! Not many cyclists or runners out today, so again we had the luxury of having the West Side Bikeway ourselves!!

I guess this is the BIG one that got away!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Extreme Winter Bicycle Commuting New York City

Winter is Here

Last Wednesday on my daily bicycle commute to west 36th street I had become aware that I was in my 55th  Winter!
I commute everyday on my Easy Racers Recumbent Bicycle in New York City. I ride north on the West Side Bikeway in NYC. There's almost always a very strong headwind coming out of Canada!

We had a temperature of about 22 degree's with  30 to 40 mph winds, not that  its a big deal after all I ride kinda of inside my bike with a face shield.The face shield is key,keeping the wind off your face is like having a built in heater! Anyway I got to Chambers Street and all of a sudden my pedals were just spinning freely,did my chain come off? Did it break? Really cold temps can cause all types of weird malfunctions.I got  out of the bike and turned the peddles by hand , they were spinning freely in both directions(not a good sign).Seems my freewheel has finally gone kaput. So I sat down on my bike and kinda skateboarded it home to get my wife's recumbent.She's a little saner then me and uses mass transit when its freezing out so I knew her bike would be there.

I was freekin frozen by the time I got back to our now famous Battery Park City bike rack.Our bike rack is in the Coldest, Windiest spot possible in NYC, its in the wind tunnel @ Liberty st and South End Avenue.
From there you can see the waves on the Hudson River crashing ashore !

Of course all the locks were frozen SHUT from the rain we had just a day or two before. It became a real battle getting her lock to open. Finally I got it opened with my frozen hands,switched bikes and off I went(there's just no way in hell I was gonna take the subway).

My wife's recumbent is a stock Easy Racers Tour Easy without any fairings or body sock.After riding the first
100 feet I could really tell that I had no weather protection and a much slower ride. How awful is that!

I got to the office @ Chick Chack Bicycle Messengers and Delivery with no incident and was only about 20 Min's late,Not Bad.
 Riding without  (Fairings)))) is a real DRAG!!

When I got home I removed the my rear wheel so I could bring it home and install a new freewheel. After about 2 mins indoors all of a sudden it worked again!!

I had a funny feeling 

Beware of ICE in your Freewheels!

BTW, I wasn't the only fanatic out there!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bicycle Commuter-NYC

Challenged & Hardcore - Tales from the West side
Bikeway - NYC

I looked out the window this morning I noticed we were in the midst of yet another nor'easter.It was a very pleasant windswept rain with temps in the 40's. As always I refused our lovely mass transit system to get me to work.

So I went for  my survival kit !

Rain Pants
Rain Coat
Gortex Ski Socks
Gortex Merrill's
Bear Claws ,the things hangin off my handlebars
.................(I'm not new to this,ya know)

oh yea my Balaclava too!

I really get some looks in the elevator, well it does look like I'm going skin diving in the arctic.
First problem ,after unlocking my waterlogged bike its really hard to get my hands back into my gloves , they're sopping wet.

Off I went ,somehow after about a mile my rear derailleur cage cracked in half,(just great doing repairs in the pouring rain), but off with the gloves.I was able to rig it just enough to ride. Not so bad riding ,at least I have the bikeway to myself ,that's worth something, RIGHT?

The west side highway traffic going uptown was fierce. At 12th street  I noticed lots of police vehicles and a Semi sitting sideways on the highway.The semi was causing  major problems for all the poor automobile commuters and definitely ruined the normal insane traffic mess that they put up with everyday  !!

Well I had to prove that I really was out riding today ,so I braved stopping and taking my sopping wet gloves off, getting my teeny tiny cell phone out of it's little case without getting it wet like the last time, so I could take some pictures with my frozen greasy hands!

You can see the semi in the first photo ,otherwise its just another nutty bike photo (except this is really cool bike). Sorry about the poor quality, but see how your pics come out if you get in the shower and take a few., You'll see what I mean !
BTW, I have ridden in much worse weather then this!

Just for the record I did see at least 3 cyclists and a few runners out today.I made sure I acknowledged each one of them with a wave...they all waved back!
Once you get wet its really not that bad.
Just think about all the Bicycle Messengers and all the food delivery done by People Riding Bicycles
NO  matter what the WEATHER!
That's what drives me to get out there on days like this.
I know if they can do it ,so can I!
Anyway,it might kill me to have to use the subway on a day like this!

This little story is for anyone that has what it takes to get out in it!

Challenged & Hardcore

Battery Park City Conservancy Discourages the use of Bicycles!

The residents of Gateway Plaza have just learned that all existing bike racks around Gateway Plaza will be removed. Lots of Gateway Plaza tenants use their bikes on a daily basis and really like the convenience of not having to drag bicycles through crowded lobby's, into over-filled bike rooms or in the elevators during rush hours!
Battery Park City seems to pride itself on being the GREENEST neighborhood in the country!!!

Why go out of the way to remove existing bike racks!!!

Thank You,
The Management

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MTA Metrocard NYC

 I see this rider on the west side bikeway once in a while seems like all transportation options are covered.

metrocard anyone?

Bike lanes for Arthur Binky and Buster - on PBS

We were home sick today and happen to watch Arthur on PBS.We got very excited because the show was about voting for bike lanes so kids can ride around the neighborhood safely. What really got us excited (over the edge,YO!) was a cameo by an animated Lance Armstrong !!!!

Binky Rides his bicycle
Arthur on PBS


Monday, December 7, 2009

Cargo Bikes From NPR

Cargo Bikes: Go Ahead And 


The Kitchen Sink

December 7, 2009

A Million And One Uses: A cyclist and two boys take one of Metrofiets' cargo bikes for a spin in Portland.
A cyclist and boys ride one of Metrofiets' cargo bikes.
Curtis "Corky" Miller
A Million And One Uses: A cyclist and two boys take one of Metrofiets' cargo bikes for a spin in Portland.

December 7, 2009
Picture a vehicle that can carry around your kids and groceries efficiently, and doesn't burn any fossil fuels. But there's one drawback: You have to pedal it yourself.
Cargo bicycles are specially designed bikes that can haul several hundred pounds. Long popular in Europe, they're starting to make their way into the United States.
On a recent afternoon in Portland, Ore., Carie Weisenbach-Folz picked up her two kids, ages 5 and 2, from school. But instead of loading them into the usual minivan, she's using a cargo bicycle.
Between the handlebars and front wheel, there's a stylized wheelbarrow-type box, with a sturdy see-through cover. Bicycles like this can cost a lot — over $3,000.
"Random people walk up to me at the grocery store" to ask her how much her bike cost, says Weisenbach-Folz.
"Well, how much is the cost of gas? And how much is insurance? And how much do you pay for a parking spot?"
Weisenbach-Folz bought her bike at Clever Cycles, a shop specializing in utility bikes that can carry a load.
Asked what kind of cargo people are looking to haul, store owner Todd Fahrner said "children, and groceries. Families are probably 70 percent of our customers."
Most cargo bikes are made overseas, in Europe or China. But in recent years, a few manufacturers have sprung up in the United States — including one in northeast Portland.
Philip Ross and Jamie Nichols started turning out bikes for their company, Metrofiets, about a year ago. They were inspired by European models, but adapted the design to make it easier to tackle the hills of Portland.

Carie Weisenbach-Folz (with children Cody and Ada Jean) pull up to their house after a bike ride home from school.
Carie Weisenbach-Folz (with children Cody and Ada Jean) pull up to their house after school.
Deena Prichep for NPR
Carie Weisenbach-Folz (with children Cody and Ada Jean) pull up to their house after a bike ride home from school.
"It has a slightly different geometry," Ross said. "And we were able to shave off about 30 pounds from the frame, without affecting the amount of weight we could carry."
Their workshop is pretty small, with a waiting list of nearly a year for a bike. And the bulk of Metrofiets' customers aren't families — they're businesses.
"They can absolutely get rid of one of their fleet vehicles, and use one of these bikes, within a certain geographical area around their shop or business," Ross said.
Metrofiets has built a custom cargo bicycle for a floor refinisher to carry his sander, and another for a brewery to transport their beer kegs. And they're not the only ones predicting a rise in business cargo biking.
"The urban freight issue is one where I think cycling has a huge role to play, and which at the moment is really relatively untapped," said Andy Clarke, head of the League of American Bicyclists.
Clarke predicts that bicycle commuting will continue to rise, as well. Today, more than 750,000 Americans bike to work. That may seem like a small number, but it's an almost 50 percent jump since the 2000 census.
Clarke credits several factors for the rise: higher gas prices; concerns about health and climate change; and bike-friendly initiatives included in recent transportation bills.
"Sometimes we take the love affair with the car, that we think we have, to a bit of an extreme," Clarke said. "We really have a love affair with the quickest, easiest, most convenient way of getting around."
But it's not always so simple, according to Cotten Seiler, who teaches American studies at Dickinson College. Seiler, who wrote a book about American society's relationship with driving, says that how Americans use cars is about more than just a rational weighing of the pros and cons.
"It's highly emotional, it's psychologically charged, and it gives us a sense of identity," Seiler said. "The utilitarian choice about how to get from point A to point B is often obscured by all of these other emotional and psychological resonances that cars have for us."
Seiler sees Americans starting to let go of some of these attachments to their cars. He says it can be an uphill battle, especially in cities that don't have the density or infrastructure to support cycling.
But in bike-friendly cities like Portland, bike builders and riders are hoping that the cargo bicycle can become the new minivan.
For commuters like Carie Weisenbach-Folz, it's already happened.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Critical Mass - USA

This photo is from Treehugger.Its defiantly an American city.
Everyone seems dressed so nicely it can't possibly be NYC, must be San Francisco.....Ca.

Chattanooga Community Kitchen Aids Homeless With Bicycles

by Daniel Kessler, San Francisco, California on 07.13.09
The bicycle is an amazing technological innovation, and creative people never seem to run out of amazing ways to use it. While the riders in the Tour de France are now using their bikes to descend mountain passes at speeds in excess of 60 mph, others are using bikes for more practical and charitable purposes. Case in point: The Chattanooga Community Kitchen and Outdoor Chattanooga have joined to give the homeless some pedal power.  
Click on the headline for the rest of the story.

Wow - The World Finally Reaching Critital Mass!!

Google Photo of the Week!

It’s from a recent Critical Mass in Budapest, Hungary. 
Not quite the same in the states.

Critical Mass on Earth Day in Budapest http://central.blogactiv.eu/2008/04/21/critical-mass-on-earth-day-in-budapest/

Here are some scene's from Critical Mass in NYC

My Wife and I were sitting in a cafe in Paris all of a sudden about 2000 rollerbladers went by followed by about 10,000 cyclists,WOW Critical Mass in Paris ,France!
We found out when the next one would be and joined it (Of coarse we had our bicycles with us!)
Lots of fun!!
Paris provided a POLICE escort just to be sure the ride was safe.

Well as you can see NYC also provides a POLICE escort!!
Critical Mass is lots of fun and should be embraced by NYC , not met by Police in Riot gear!

Is there such a thing as too much color?

"All My Eyes Blogspot"

Carlsbad Flower Fields
 Body Socks on the Runway

Garbage cans and other street furnishings are for most part invisible to us...until we go someplace else. Above, waste receptacle, recycling bins, and public telephones in Buenos Aires.

He's No Einstein

Albert Einstein, Rock Star

He made science cool, turned bad hair good—and there's that tongue photo.

Right Here on our Stage.......The Beatles. A Really Big Shoe!


Easier Than Walking ?

History Lesson
The bicycle is a tremendously efficient means of transportation. In fact cycling is more efficient than any other method of travel including walking!

Fun Video,,,,,,))))

Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle!


Social Impact of The Bicycle

Women - Bicycling to Freedom

The bicycle craze, which dominated sporting activities of America and Europe in the 1890s, started a revolution of independence and emancipation for women.


For one thing, it changed the feminine wardrobe. Women no longer had to be hampered by tight corsets and long skirts, but could enjoy the freedom of comfortable and practical bloomers and divided skirts. The short lived bloomer fashion was a good solution for women riding bicycles, but many women rode bicycles in long skirts. Much later shorts and pedal pushers pants made bicycling easy. Now women and men alike often choose tight spandex clothing for biking comfort.
Moreover, the beginning of bicycling was the end of the chaperone. Ladies, and even young girls, began riding alone or accompanied only by friends.
Bicycling became important for women in all walks of life. Office workers and shop assistants rode bicycles to work. Women from the upper social classes used bicycles for leisurely rides or to call on friends.
In 1896 Susan B. Anthony said, "the bicycle has done more for the emancipation of women than anything else in the world." 

Oh Yea ..Like A Fish Needs a Bicycle! 

Mobility for everyone

Disabled Veterans Inspired by Athletics

New VA Pilot Program Encourages Disabled Army Veterans to Surf and Cycle


Once you’ve seen how fast these racers can move, the term “disability” can seem inappropriate.

Over the years riding in Central Park I've met and ridden with lots of these truly amazing athletes.

Handcycles are not slow and give an amazing amount of freedom and mobility.Achilles are usually in the park as a group on Saturday mornings.

When I was in the bicycle business I had a Lightning Handcycle. I rode it through the city streets and was very impressed with the speed just peddling with my arms.


  Don't you think NYC should provide an infrastructure of bike way's that would allow them to cycle around  safely.Trike Handcyclists should have the same freedom and mobility that we do.When I was in the bicycle business I had a Lightning Handcycle. I rode it through the city streets and was very surprised at the speed I was able to get going.




Recumbent Trike Handcycles
Central Park , NYC

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catrike Recumbent in NYC !

 Catrike Recumbent comes to Battery Park City,NY

Lucky Kid!!
Man as soon he looked at the TRIKE, he just jumped on and demanded I push him all around the plaza.
We just borrowed it its not ours!

Is that thing comfortable?
Well its kind like riding your couch around. I'm not Kidding!!!!

Oh No Way !
Now this is Recumbent....
Wish we could ride this thing to school every day!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Follow the Women to Ride The World

 "Ride The World"

Members of the Follow the Women Foundation rode bicycles during a tour in Amman, Jordan on May 9. About 400 women from more than 30 countries are participating in the event to cycle through Middle Eastern countries to promote peace and empower women in the region. The first Pedal for Peace, Follow the Women campaign was in 2004. 'Women do not traditionally cycle in the Middle East, so the sight of a large female-only group attracts huge interest,' said founder Detta Regan.
Muhammad Hamed/Reuters

Bikes For Afghanistan,Two Wheels Can Take You Far!

Tomorrow, we'll board a C-17 carrying 50 Globe bicycles donated by Specialized, the American bike company based in Morgan Hill, California. We'll fly to Kabul and start building bikes. We'll be there for about 42 hours, and imshallah, on Thursday night we'll be back in Brussels, pounding Duvels and toasting our good luck, scraping the bike grease from under our fingernails.

Here's the Article

Amazing cycling photos from around the world...
Two Wheels can Take you Far!