Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Storm-West Side Bikeway NYC

I was wondering if my lock would open two days after the storm.
The Bikeway was plowed very nicely and the streets were cleared as well. A great job by

      Hudson River Parks & NYC Dept of Sanitation!

Look at that clean road ,W O W !

Runners Station at Chambers Street

I decided to use my Organic Engines Recumbent Pedicab , just not sure what was in store for me and I wanted to be sure nothing would stop me!!!

Well a good thing because on my way home I gave some poor FROZEN tourist a ride to a spot where he could view the Statue Of Liberty. I also ran into one of our friends with her heavy 3 year old in her arms.She had been carrying him for about 5 blocks and couldn't  find a Taxi Cab,she asked if I could take them over to West Thames Street. She laughed all the way!Hope you had fun Lauren!!
Good thing I took the Pedicab!

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