Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today in NYC - Tribeca Film Festival - Elton John

Had to walk through the promenade because Tribeca Film festival is hosting a free concert tonight!
Getting the stage  ready for Elton John....

Saw this sign on the ground on the beaten up, battered East Side Bikeway..I guess they fixed he bump.
So I took a picture of it..I guess its an ad for Ikea?

Thought my cargo set up would look good with all the yellow flowers behind...
so I stopped and took a picture.
BTW- Thats the east side bikeway just before 23rd street.

This is the ultimate Cargo set-up
This set-up is really fast,a streamlined bicycle and streamlined trailer!
But you need really smooth roads because of the speed,so I probably won't use this set-up too much,but man does it fly!

See you on the road!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Good Sign from Frankly Wines Tribeca
Take the edge off ...

Fine Wine. No Attitude.

At Frankly Wines, we offer our version of the well-stocked wine closet: a well-edited selection of daily essentials, quirky finds, and higher end treasures for when you’re feeling flush.
Our selection skews towards the Southern Hemisphere, but you’ll also find wines from most other major (and minor) regions of the world. And you can be sure every bottle represents great value – when you sell less than 200 wines, they all have to be good!
Search or browse our wine selection. Or scroll down to see our featured wines and rotating three packs.

Small Haul NYC 
will get it to you in the nick of time!
Small Haul NYC Supports Local Business!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Take A Seat

Take a Seat is the most exciting television I've seen in a long time!
Makes me want to go ride my Recumbent Tandem around NYC picking up passengers!
Seat Anyone?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

NYC Scenes from Small Haul Green Trucking

NYC Scenes
Grainy West Street NYC
Hope I don't see any more snow for the next 10 months!
On my way to Brooklyn that little windshield is great rain gear.
 Id never ride in winter without it!

Picking up Baby Supply's in the Cargo Caboose!
25th St & 7th ave
One of my BIKE fanatic neighbors NYC apartment
Bikes in the closet.
How many bikes do you have in your's!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bicyclist shooting for the MOON

Bicyclist shooting for the moon - Outdoors -
By Sean Lynch

"He's rode in the fog and wind and rain. He'd come home after school and go out in the dark with lights on. I call him the 'Destinator.' "