Sunday, June 27, 2010

NYC Pride!

After Spending years avoiding The Gay Pride Parade, this turned out to be the most fun I've ever had on an AdBike Campaign!

Christopher St 
NYC 2008

I waited a long time for the appropriate time to post this !


Pride Marches On

Although you can't see the machine, she is being peddled on a converted Pedicab!

Poleriders Pride!

Check out NYC's  friendliest advertising company!

Been to Busy to Blog , 
Thought I'd catch - up....

 About two weeks ago I exited the bikeway at 72nd street about 1:30pm  to find a what I thought was a Taxi Cab demonstration.

 I asked one of the drivers , he told me there was a mosque on the corner. So if you can't get a cab on Friday  afternoons ,now you know why.Even Pedicabs were parked!



Last week we took a family trip to Figment Festival on Governors Island.Here are some photo's..

The Bubble Mobile - Kids ride free!

Hungry Man Marching Band?



Family Trip to South Beach,Staten Island, NY
 Ends with Good Time?

The Water is OK ,The Beach is Clean,
Great boardwalk with  bike lane !

Just a 5 mile ride from the ferry on all secondary roads with very little traffic!

An empty beach on a 90 degree day?


Look at this fancy bathroom!

Our friends Joao and Claudia meet us there,waiting for pic's!
I think this would make a great first Urban Mobility Project Family Bike Trip, umm??

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Ride to Montauk

I haven't done a long ride in about 3 years.The last Montauk century I did started in Babylon. I rode my Goldrush with my bodysock on and did it in 4hr 30 min. I've been riding it for years at that pace. Doing the 140 from my door with no real miles except for pulling my son around in the pedicab or on the tandem really changed the ride for me.

I started from south end av about 5:30am.
1 frozen Camelback hangin from my seat,
1 water bottle
5 pre - opened candy bars

I thought about riding up to the start at Penn Sta. and leaving with a group but  thought it would be much easier to just go over the Brooklyn Bridge so I went up Atlantic ave to Woodhaven blvd .I choose to ride without the sock since I'd be stop and going and riding on really crappy roads! I got to Kennedy Airport in an hour,not a bad pace for city streets! I continued on Conduit av which become rt 27. I took rt27 all the way, strait to Babylon the 45 mi point@8am. Just before the fork at Old Sunrise Hi way /RR av I ran into a group of 4 riders that came from Manhattan!!! I rode with them a little ways and then stopped to put up my sock!! I was able to catch up......

There was a Gotham guy up front a 22mph pace , then he decided to have some fun with me and upped it to 25mph I had a great time dueling with them and they really got a kick out of my bent! They pulled over at the train sta and I keep going and was on the official course!

At the station I saw lots of trucks loaded with bikes and people waiting for bikes but no one on the road which caused me to make a wrong turn. I ended up at the Babylon Marina and had to find my way back to the main road.

I took rt 27a for a while through  Mastic/Shirley another 35mi until I met up with riders again and was able to get back on the course. Somewhere in this stretch I developed some leg soreness that got worse as I went. To be specific the worst pain was on the left side of my right calf muscle and real soreness in both quads! I  also developing a rash where the sun don't shine,,,look-out!!! It got so bad I went from a 21 mph pace to 12mph with a nice tailwind!!!!

Was the leg pain  gonna do me in???

 It was kinda weird if I pushed hard the quad pain went away ,so I was able to get it back a little to 18-20mph. To deal with the calf pain I had to ride with the peddle more towards the heel , that seem to work ,so I slid my butt forward on the seat and was able to ride again, I little awkward but better than all the pain!
 I noticed my Friend Alfredo about half a mile ahead.He really easy to spot for some reason, maybe his backward hat under the helmet. We visited for about 10 min and off I went.


I stopped to pee at some repair stand don't know where but my first real stop was East Quogue about 90 miles out! I just had to stop, regroup and try to rest my legs that began acting up and that RASH was gonna do me in !

I think it was about 11am. My water lasted and the candy bars kept me going all the this far. I stopped at a deli. I ate macaroni salad and chocolate milk, yahoo!!!! I hung for 30 min , regrouped and off I went!!!  

Riding slow , Pain management

Getting started with aching muscles was not easy I took the ride nice and slow,like I had a choice?

I got to the next official rest area I think it was in Watermill not really sure. Just before I ran into the only other BENT rider . He was on a Catrike ,we introduced ourselves, Adam a 5BBC and MARS member he mentioned MARS. I told him that I was once the President of MARS. 
We both wondered why we were the only bents?

I just don't know,its puzzling isn't it. As we spoke I noticed his speech was slurred but didn't ask about it.He finally told me he was a victim of ATAXIA  - I mentioned that I was a fan of Kyle Brant - the rider that just finished RAAM! We both were really excited! We rode to the rest stop he stopped and I went on. After meeting Adam nothing, rash ,muscle cramps or what ever would keep me from riding strong!  

Great to meet you Adam if you'd like to ride with other bents in the city you have my EM!

The Last Leg...hahaha!

As I left Water Mill I was able to keep kind of a good pace , finding lots of groups to ride with. This is just a beautiful stretch on back roads  all along the ocean with very few cars!! Through the Hamptons to my favorite stretch of road from Amagansett to Montauk along rt 27. After decades of doing this ride you know your finally done when you hit the last 10 miles. Its a great view ,you can see the whole 10 miles ahead ,all the way to Hither Hills Campground. I was feeling pretty good when I got here and flew by everyone keeping about 25 mph through the whole stretch....its just grand!  Once past the fork in the road I decided to take the scenic route to the right with the great rolling Hills of Hither! 

I kinda ended my ride at Hither Hills Campground 2:30pm on June 19th 2010.

This was a good idea! I went over to the ocean bought an Ice Cream ,took a shower and just relaxed ! A great spot to stop ! 

135 miles
9 hours
With Two 30 min  stops
8 hours riding time 
About 17mph?
55 years old
Not bad

Almost There  

I left for the last 5 miles. There are some short steep hills that I basically crawled up but screamed down and was able to do a fairly normal pace into Montauk,,,,,finally. 

My reward 

I bought 2 slices of Pizza with fresh garlic that I had been dreaming about for the last 50mi., went over to the Green where my good friend Dan found me!

 Eating Pizza

I took the 5;30 bus home!
When I got back to Manhattan my legs were so shot that I had to use my GRANNY to get up the hill on 36th st from 3rd ave to  Lexington!

Wish I could get more miles in .........
Anyone for the Ride to Martha's?

A Trio Grows in Brooklyn !

I took a ride to Brooklyn last week to see my sister-in -law and nephews.We were in a park in Williamsburg and the Rolls Royce of kid carriers comes through the gates!
I've see photos of the Trio Bike but seeing it live was just amazing,It's defiantly in a class by itself!!!

Hi Shelly,
I am sorry I was not able to see your site sooner, I just found your card in one of  my kids  lunch bag!   hahahahah!
I love your site and I was  glad to meet you at the playground the other day, since you have the knowledge about the bike that everyone lacks, I am looking for a similar bike for one of my friends
from my kids school  and I saw all the bad reviews about the trio, ... they just do not know how versatile this bike is and safe even with my three kids plus my dog! , I was happy to hear you like the trio and I just wanted to get in touch
Best regards,

Great Energy!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Ride To Montauk - 2010

Started from my house, 140 miles to The End!
Eight hours riding time,four candy bars and a quarter pond of macaroni salad,one camelback and two water bottles.
With two half hour breaks.
Great adventure!
Sore LEG Muscles after 75 miles and a really bad friction rash,,,whoa!!
But a strong ending ,then two slices of pizza with fresh garlic!!!!

Short write up coming.......

The Ride to Martha's was canceled due to lack of interest...However I am determined to get it going!I may offer it this summer, anyone interested? 

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Oil Independent Vehicle
Its all about the DELIVERY!
Can be converted to FLATBED! 
Any box up to 50lbs in lower Manhattan
Lower Manhattan, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights! 
Clich here to go to the official RATE SHEET and Home Page!
917 295 1954

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Save Some Oil !

NoMo......I took the seat off  my amazing Organic Engines Trike to get ready for cargo and light hauling!

I stopped by Union Sq yesterday for some carrot cake. This woman came over to ask about transporting children to school by bicycle.

Hope I made my point!
Author of  real food, Nina Planck gets PEDALED  home from Union Sq Farmers Market on the Urban Brute!

Good Energy!

bicycle mobile charger

Thu Jun 3, 2010 4:59am EDT

AMSTERDAM (Reuters Life!) - Dutch cyclists chatting on the mobile phones are an ubiquitous site in the bike-friendly city of Amsterdam and soon they will be able to charge their mobiles with bike power.

Nokia Oyj introduced a bicycle charger on Thursday aimed at developing countries with limited access to electricity, but the cellphone maker said the idea could catch on in Europe where cycling for work, shopping and errands is a common lifestyle.
"We are targeting the initial rollout in the developing markets, but we do, of course, see the potential outside of these countries," said Nokia spokesman Leo McKay.
"In cities like Amsterdam for instance, where bicycles are probably the most common means of transportation, the supply of free, environmentally friendly power is pretty much limitless."
The charger will go on sale for about 15 euros later this year, Nokia said.
(Reporting by Reed Stevenson and Tarmo Virki; Editing by Michael Perry)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quest On Time!


Here is the official race report.

We have all heard of Bike Porn but XX?  Holy Crap.....LOL




Our impromptu Time Trial in Katama worked out much better than expected with 9 riders participating...

We plan on continuing this series every Thursday night until further notice, so please spread the word and come join in, help out, or's all good!!!!

I took the liberty of placing participants in classes based on time.

XX Class

David Whitmon holds the record for fastest time under human power with a blazing 12:54 in his aerodynamic velomobile.  Congrats David!

Class A (Under 14 minutes)
Lee Greathouse 13:22
Greg Berks 13:26
Frank Jennings 13:30

Class B
Rodrigo Morales 14:17
Chris Sykes 14:40
Jim Miller 14:50
David Murphy 15:00
Fergus Henderson 17:28
The unofficial course distance is 5.4 miles but has not been certified yet...
Very little time separates the riders in each respective class so this should provide some spirited competition over the summer!!!!
If you are interested in racing, volunteering, or for general information, please contact David at or via cell 508-326-8479.

Come join us for some friendly competition.  All levels are welcome!!!!!!
A special thanks goes out to our VOLUNTEERS who made this event a safe one...thank you to Nikki, Jim, Sarah, Aaron, and Greg for assisting us.  The only thing we need to work on is our bike holding skills right Greg?

Ride safe!

I flew by the finish line and went about a half mile down the road before turning around.  I got back to where everyone was gathered and climbed out.
I walked up and asked, "Who won?"  There was a mass "You Did."

I was looking at the times and said "Holy Shit."

Frank had left 60 seconds ahead of me but by half way up, heading north on the right fork I could see him in the distance.  A longer course and I would have been passing folks.

I beat Frank by 36 seconds. When I said "Not bad for a 80 + pound pedal car" he took a look at my Quest and wanted to know just what kind of watts I was putting out.

I hit that 180 degree turn just right. The right approach,  the right gear at the right time.  I don't know how fast I was going through that turn but I slingshot right through it.

"There was one fellow who I thought wasn't to happy with my win but the rest of the guys were all having a blast."  

Lee, the young man who came in second was riding a steel framed road bike.   There were some VERY high end Time Trial Bikes on the course, carbon fiber and titainium and one Merlin made of both materials with a very expensive TT rear wheel. I beat that one by over 2 minutes.

I'm hoping this will bring more folks out.   I can see it now. "Beat the hippy in the pedal car".....LOL



Here is the official race report.

We have all heard of Bike Porn but XX?  Holy Crap.....LOL


Travoy - Bike Shop & More.....

Thanks to Burley for letting me use Travoy Cargo Trailer in NYC.
We've used it to messenger,go shopping and just haul stuff around.

If you live in an Urban Center, Its a no brainier.The bags that it comes with have a system that allows them to clamp on and were a big hit with everyone we showed them to!

Travoy folds,the wheels pop off and it fits into its own little bag!

Messenger Travoy

 John takes a load off!
Hearald Sq

Just before they released it I was trying to find a bicycle trailer that I could load up and simply detach from my bike and walk right into a freight elevator with the load! It becomes a real time-saver for larger deliveries in NYC!

Bike Shop Travoy 

Aimee At the counter in Tribeca

I've used other trailers in the past like The BOB.
BOB  works well as far as hauling but just can't be used off the bike because its a one wheel trailer and flops side to side!

The Travoy is not really bent ready but I managed to secure the mount down to my rack solid enough to actually use it!

Hauling Travoy

 Hauling my sons bike Battery Park City

Union Sq Farmers Market
 Please produce a mount for recumbents with racks!
Hope someone hears me!

Having the style seat I have on my Easy Racers Gold Rush allows a hell of a lot of baggage.
I can hang two large shopping bags right off the top of the seat! 
Imagine how much I could fit by adding the Travoy!

 That's two 25lb bags of groceries hangin off my seat!
If you have light weight wheels don't try this  - OK!
My wife had a super light wheel - every time she went shopping ....
A spoke Popped!

Check Burley out on FaceBook or 


Watching the Game!

Bleacher Bums
Best seats in The House!


Up the Ladder...... 
I thought I was good look at this guy! 
I ran into Nachum in the street one day ,we just stared at each others bikes for a few minutes in total silence