Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Trio Grows in Brooklyn !

I took a ride to Brooklyn last week to see my sister-in -law and nephews.We were in a park in Williamsburg and the Rolls Royce of kid carriers comes through the gates!
I've see photos of the Trio Bike but seeing it live was just amazing,It's defiantly in a class by itself!!!

Hi Shelly,
I am sorry I was not able to see your site sooner, I just found your card in one of  my kids  lunch bag!   hahahahah!
I love your site and I was  glad to meet you at the playground the other day, since you have the knowledge about the bike that everyone lacks, I am looking for a similar bike for one of my friends
from my kids school  and I saw all the bad reviews about the trio, ... they just do not know how versatile this bike is and safe even with my three kids plus my dog! , I was happy to hear you like the trio and I just wanted to get in touch
Best regards,

Great Energy!!!!

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