Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year....!

Thought it might be a good idea to check on our Tandem....After the storm...

Oh well

I'm sure its in there
Better get a good shovel ,eh!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hudson River Bikeway all Clear Today Dec 28

Rode up to west 72nd st today.Midtown was absolute pandemonium..but the bike way was a pleasure!
I took the bike-way south from 59th street to Battery Park City , all clear!

Gateway Bike Rack - Storm seems to have missed us!
Hudson River Bikeway looking north around 12th st!
Camera fogged when I took it out of my toasty warm pocket.
Just north of the Intrepid at 45th st.

Anyone thinking of riding... probably easier than mass transit at the moment.

Don't forget Ride With Larry!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Not Fun...Ha ha !


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fun With my Quad!

Brox Quad

All I did was put a lawn chair on the back, The kids are having a BLAST!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Rep. Polis rides a 'rocket-trike'

Rep. Polis rides a 'rocket-trike'

The Ride with Larry !


The next time you start feeling like you just can't,
Go ride with Larry!
Go to 
 view the trailer and 
make a pledge even its a dollar!

San Diego Arts

San Diego Filmmaker Focuses On Parkinson's Disease

The film’s trailer opens with Smith trading in his cane for a bike. He pulls it out of the garage and settles himself in, with all the accompanying movements and tremors that Parkinson’s inflicts on his body.  The ride will demonstrate the power of keeping the body active and mind positive in the fight against Parkinson’s, and show that even though there’s no cure, the best antidote against succumbing to it’s effects is living life to its fullest.

Read on....


Hello Shelly,

I want to thank you for sharing Ride with Larry on your blog and for all of your support!  We truly appreciate it and hope that others can keep spreading the word and help to donate on kickstarter.  We are working to establish a grass roots campaign among those who are passionate about curing Parkinson's, interested in the power of cycling, and need or would want to see a story like Larry's.  We think those people can quickly get us to our goal, even in small amounts.  We've been speaking to some amazing researchers in Belfast, the Netherlands, and elsewhere that are studying mobility/exercise and its correlation to Parkinson's.  They have been using Nintendo Wii game consuls and tandem bikes.

Per your question on the article we would love to find ways of including others who want to help and of course publicity in blogs and articles is huge for us. 

Thank you again for your support!  Happy Holidays and a great New Year!

Best Regards,

Ride with Larry
Andrew Rubin



Visit his webpage


Send Money and support Larry on his Mission!

Bikeway Lower Manhattan Complete

The bike-way extension to the Staten Island and Governors Island  Ferry is finally complete! As you know this was a major mess. I'm very happy to see it finished!

Looking East
The right turn onto the east section
Looking West 

and of course people were walking on it just before I took these photos!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

First Annual (Martha’s) Vineyard Velomobile Gathering

I have been trying to get bent riders on to MV for years.Its the perfect terrain with amazing scenery.I've been vacationing there for at least 30 years!
MV has an amazing cycling infrastructure that seems custom made to for Bents !
Leave your cars at home.

Here is another attempt to make it happen!
From theWorld famous Recumbent Blog.....

First Annual (Martha’s) Vineyard Velomobile Gathering 

And Recumbent!

Oh man I wish I could get to Martha’s Vineyard next June. David (“Boooger”) Whitmon and Myron Garfinkle (who put together the lovely video of his ride on the island) are planning a VELOMOBILE GATHERING!
In his own words:
First Annual Vineyard Velomobile Gathering. Non Velomobile recumbents also welcome.
Below is all the various info but to start off I would strongly suggest the Youth Hostel as a place to stay. It is centrally located, a great place to start and finish the rides, a great place to socially gather, to eat together and hang out after the rides.
Youth Hostel…-060011.en.htm

 Dave caught outside of his Quest!
MV Family Campground 2010
Myron and I are starting the planning early so as to fine tune the details to make it an absolute blast.
We are looking at Friday June 10, 2011 as the start/arrival date. Saturday we have a ride “Up Island” through the hills of Chilmark and Aquinnah. Approximately a 40 mile ride. Maps will be provide with stopping points to regroup along the way.
Sunday we will have a flat ride of 30 +/- miles which will take us through the towns of Oak Bluffs and Edgartown.
I can tell you now, just riding one Velomobile through these towns gets folks attention. Two velomobile such as Myron’s and mine, brings commerce to a halt. More the merrier… we are going to stand this Island on its ear…
Below is the general info from the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce along with info about mainland parking and places to stay on Island.
Parking info Woods Hole and Falmouth.
As Myron mentioned, bringing a car to the Island can be done but is a real PITA just in the logistics alone plus a major hit on ones finances.
There is parking at Woods Hole. It should have room but in case it is full there are other lots farther from Woods Hole.
One cool thing about the other mainland parking is that what ever lot you park at you will either be adjacent to or within a mile of the Shining Sea Rail Trail. An 11 mile Rail Trail that takes you right to Woods Hole Harbor and the ferry to the Island.
On the rail trail you avoid the madness of the traffic on the rather narrow Woods Hole Rd.…ing.cfm?Loc=WH
The MV Family Camp Ground is a very nice place to stay.
As I said, more details will be added as we plan for this absolutly fun gathering.
Please feel free to contact me directly, or post it here if their are any other questions.
This Island is a beautiful place to ride.
 I am also promoting my ride to MV..
If those dates don't work for you try these....
 The Ride to Martha's Vineyard

Get me to the vineyard productions

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Small Haul NYC

Small Haul NYC picked up a huge load yesterday!
I use the 
Cargo Caboose 
for the smaller jobs...this job was a little under rated I should have used
The Urban Brute 
but I managed to get it done!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


 I went up to the Dakota today and delivered Flowers to YOKO

Monday, December 6, 2010

"No Impact Man" - Official Trailer [HQ HD]

Amazing Family Journey

A Wayward Journey

A Family Cycles the Roads Less Traveled from the Arctic to Patagonia




*This Summer*

The Ride to Martha's Vineyard

Alleys General Store MV

Out of Work Chef + Cargo Bike= New Green Business

Hey, I'm doing the same thing you are!

Urban Mobility Cargo Bike Delivery NYC


Losing his job in one of the worst job markets in recent memory just meant Ian Richie had to think outside of the (lunch) box. He began by delivering homemade soup to friends using his cargo bicycle and cooler and has added customers every week. The name of his business is SoupByCycle. Pedaling while Peddling Soup Ian has created [...]

 Here's the link to the article...

Horrible Day in Cycling

 Just a Horror....Horrible

Seven cyclists killed in Italy crash

Seven amateur cyclists out for a morning ride were killed yesterday near Lamezia Terme in Calabria when they were hit head-on by an oncoming car that had misjudged an overtaking manoeuvre.
Initial reports suggest that the car, a powerful Mercedes driven by 21-year-old Chafik Elktrani, went out of control while travelling at high speed.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Breakin Story - Melo Velos MV Gazette

I've been covering Dave and his conversion to Recumbent's since the beginning and now look...

Here he is showing off his new wheels last summer at MV Family Campground!
Dave you're just awesome!

Register for my ride early and come ride with us!