Sunday, March 13, 2011

Slightly Bent!

Get Bent NYC
Recumbent's for Sale
Lessons Included if needed

Hey we have lots of used Bents for sale
Including Fully Faired RACING WINDCHEETAH

for more on the Windcheetah


Overall condition:  Excellent.

Asking $3,750.00

Here's a partial List.....
These are not the actual bents,they are stock photos,these are not the actual bikes!

EZ Racers Tour Easy
black, about 10 years old, and I would say with less than 500 miles on it. 
Fairing not incl.

Ice Explorer trike,
less than 100 miles (has relatively high seat height)

Cannondale - CLWB,
 similar to BikeE RX and EZ-1 


Bike E - E2 Tandem

Bike E RX 


Double Vision Tandem

Rans V3 Aluminum,
 less than 100 miles, high racer, high performance, 28 lbs!
Amazing Fast Climbs!!!!

Sun SWB 

Rans Crank forward bike - Fusion model
less than 100 miles, 20 inch front wheel, 26 inch rear, fun to ride and comfy

Ti Rotator - 
Large Oversized Main Tube-Extremely Light @ 21lbs

Street Machine

Lightning P-38 

The Non-Bent

Bike Friday - Family Tandem -
 alas not a recumbent, but, fun to ride with 20" wheels and it can separated for transport 

These are all slightly used or New bikes with very little mileage on them. If any of these might be of interest, let me know....

Riding Lessons Available!

Call for prices!
Can be seen by 917 295 1954 or 
Email me

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  1. Is this post mean there's a bent event on the 13th? I would like to come but I don't see a time or location.