Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quest ,,,Velomobile on the Vineyard

A true Urban Mobility pioneer and family cycling legend from Martha's Vineyard just got his Quest Velomobile.
Waiting for the story!   Its gonna be a  L O N  G  winter ......
He hopes )))))))))

Dave's Quest....>>>>

 Quest with some Bicycle Advertising


  1. Hi Shelly

    The Quest above belongs to a fellow who lives in Germany. That Quest was built in Holland by
    My Quest which arrived in last Friday, November 20th is yellow.

    They are beautiful machines.


  2. PS; I also meant to say that mine was built by Bluevelo in Toronto Canada.


  3. Thats not his Quest ,its just a photo he sent me. His Quest arrived last week.I received a few emails from him about some amazing rides in the rolling hills on the island.
    Martha's Vineyard has the perfect terrain for machines like the Quest. Love riding my bodysocked Goldrush around island! My friend Johannes of NE Recumbent's has a Mango,yes its an amazing vehicle!

    I'm waiting for a few photos and a story from the Vineyard.
    Urban Mobility Project

  4. can anyone tell me how to buy a velomobile?
    Email if you can with details thanks! (

  5. PS that would be in the UK...thanks.