Friday, November 27, 2009

My Way Or The West Side Highway - Muscle Powered Commuting

Driving to Work in NYC is INSANE

Really sick of the Road Rage,Ridiculous Horn Honking and watching grown up people getting out of their cars to Duke It Out!!

I spent years bicycle commuting from Fort Lee, NJ to my office on west 37th street in Manhattan about 12 miles each way. Over the GW Bridge and down the West Side Bikeway everyday. Riding to and from work was the highlight of my day Rain Shine or Snow. I always felt extremely privileged to be out on my bicycle all alone on the bikeway in such beautiful scenery along side the Hudson River.
I always felt really sorry for all the automobile commuters bumper to bumper going about 4mph. Once I  got to the stretch of road that rides alongside with the west side highway on my left I was just flying past the traffic!!

 I could never understand how they do it every day.I guess they probably saw me and had the same reaction. Poor guy can't afford a car and he has to do all that work!!

During that period I was in amazing condition and would and was always able to do the "The Ride to Montauk" (100 mi) century in about 4hr 30mins on my Easyracers Goldrush Recumbent.

I now live in Manhattan and wish I lived a little father away from the office.

My Way.......

The Highway

Which do you choose??

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