Monday, November 30, 2009

The Ride To Montauk 2010..........................................My Favorite Century!

Beautiful Flat Routes for Beginners & Experts
No fundraising required •
We didn’t invent pedaling to Montauk... we just made it a lot more fun.”

Ive been doing this ride for the last 25 years.
Its a great test for speed strength and endurance or just a very pleasant day out cycling as long as you don't over do it.
Ive done it both ways I have to admit I like to put myself to the test. My fastest time was 4hrs 30mins on my Easyracer Goldrush Recumbent with full bodysock!!! Yes its flat and all but the headwinds out on the south fork are not fun after you've already riden 75 miles!!
The first time I did this ride I realized it was possible bicycle anywhere. That lead me to start bicycle touring and still haven't stopped. I've cycled Mexico,Alaska,Northern Ca,Southern Ca.,France,one third of the U.S.and Lots of trips from NYC to Martha's Vineyard! I've also been a bicycle commuter in NYC for the past 30 years! My wife laughs at me because I have no idea how to use the NYC Subway system !
Since I can't take these long trips anymore my family and I have been going on  
Car free cycling vacations to Martha's Vineyard.

If I can get it together I may offer a Ride to Montauk  Extension to Martha's Vineyard,
seems pretty natural!

And here it is......
The Ride to Martha's....

The Granery Gallery,West Tisbury,Martha's Vineyard

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