Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cargo Bikes NYC


These cargo trikes make moving light cargo a snap in  big city traffic,never a fuel surcharge or time wasted looking for a parking spot!


After seeing how far around the world this blog reaches I thought I should expand a little and involve more of the world cycling community.

The benefits of being a fit cyclist are extremely rewarding. I've worked with Revolution Cargo Couriers in NYC. Revolution Cargo is run by a very organic minded fellow Greg Zukowski. There I learned that I could pretty much haul anything under my own power.

Lots of people probably wonder why I ride everywhere and insist on carrying very heavy loads(including my family) ,the fact is that if you are in an urban center you can pretty much haul almost anything provided you have the right cargo bike. I also find that its lots of fun and an amazing way to stay fit. The thought of being in a gym just does not appeal to me. At any rate World Bikes seems to have a great message have a look at their website, just click >> World Bikes !

 Great article from Treehugger

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