Sunday, November 15, 2009

American Cargo Bikes - No Need to Go Dutch !

 Bicycle Urban Mobility With Your Kids

As always I plan on riding through he winter I thought this would be a good time to show off the some of the American bicycle company's that have taken the lead in family cycling urban mobility.
I've seen some child carriers on the road mostly from the Netherlands.The American machines are much cheaper and are built really well.
I've gone riding with the family in Winter ,the cold is just not a big deal to kids. The rider always stays warm all you need for the kids are sleeping bags or blankets to wrap themselves in. I started out with a Burley trailer,then Topeak child seat then the world famous Burley Picolo  trail a bike next was a Organic Engines Recumbent  Pedicab and Longbikes Recumbent Tandem then on to The Zigo Leader.

  We went to a kids birthday yesterday in Soho .I was going to use the pedicab but just as we got out it started to rain so we came back upstairs and got the Zigo Leader.We rode through the rain ,no problem.As we arrived all the other family's were getting off the bus,we felt really sorry for them.
I dropped my son off and went for a two hour ride through lower Manhattan. When I picked him up it was pouring.Jackson was very happy playing with his party favors on the way home.

The weather protection worked well and kept him completely dry!

In spite of the rain and all the prepping to ride, it was well worth the effort to bicycle to the party!

Taking the lead from the Netherlands these American  cargo bike company's have sprung up around the states over the past few years.
These bicycles are great alternatives to the horrid NYC mass transit system.
Most of these company's offer weather protection for winter rides. The most accommodating for New York City would probably be The Zigo Leader ,it can separate and become a lone stroller that you can just roll up to your apt. and yes in spite of what you may think ,it will fit. When I use it I simply lock the bicycle rear outside and just take up the trailer with my son in it!

These bikes are lots of fun to ride and are not slow at all.
Don't forget all the groceries you can carry while getting plenty of exercise,it also makes shopping a great adventure!
I'll update the info and list the American company's soon!

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