Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Ride To Martha's Vineyard &

Just a quick note!
I'm working on a week long Cycling Tour to Martha's Vineyard.It's custom made for all cycling The Ride to Montauk on June 19th 2010! I just want to see if you had any interest.So I posted a brief description as a stand alone page on the top of the sidebar...go have a look.
Heres a link to;
The Ride To Martha's Vineyard

Welcome To Montauk

Vintage Quest Velomobile? 
Upright Trike
The Granery Gallery
County Road,Martha's Vineyard,Ma.

Thanks for the visit!


Thursday,February 25, 2010 

Snowstorm again!
Yes I rode today and so did Howie!

The Slick Rode Home.
Windshield covered
You can't really tell from this photo but it was pouring down snow!

Tools for the Snow

Monday, February 22, 2010

Making Change - Action Center & WorldBike

bikes for allk

Bikes that Haul People

In East Africa, there is a population of small business entrepreneurs known as "Boda Boda" operators who use bicycles as taxis. Most start their business by purchasing a standard bike and retrofitting it with a locally manufactured seat post and special seat cushion to accommodate passengers in back.
Most locally available parts for Boda Boda bike modifications can cost a premium of 15-20% over the base cost of the bicycle and usually lead to poor ergonomics and reduced power output. The knees of taller riders can hit the handlebars, and some operators experience cycling-related impotence, which is rarely discussed.

With support from Lemelson Foundation, Worldbike set out to determine if there were a better way to improve carrying capacity for Boda Boda drivers. In partnership with a group of local metal fabricators and bike enthusiasts, Worldbike's team designed and produced a low-cost cargo extension that easily bolted on to the bike's rear drop out, increasing carrying capacity, handling and stability.
Worldbike's big boda cargo extension works best for the transportation of bulky, lightweight cargo. In this project, it proved particularly popular for the transport of bread, cut flowers, school children and medical supplies. Specifically, it was found to increase cargo capacity by 20-40%, reducing costs and increasing incomes for Boda Boda operators.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nice Quads! AdBikes NYC / Urban Billboard Media Mobility

Outdoor Mobile Billboards 
New York City
Green Outdoors
Mobile Marketing Eco-Solutions


My QuadraCycle  Adbikes
In the Media!

Rebecca takes a call from Dale Jr.
Listening to  The Boss
Jersey Shore
Kids for Kids 
Nice Hats
Kids on the Promenade
Not sure if this is legal?
Metalica Concert
Borough Pres Marty and Jason get the word out!
Gowanus Goes Green
Born to Run
Jersey Shore
Dave and Busters
Times Sq ,NYC 
No place like it! 
Thats his car in the background!
Jacks Discount Stores
New Yorkers really love getting Discounts
Oh Behave!

Nautica ,Bryant Park
Lord and Taylor
Look at those Quads!
These Pedicabs are so cool, sometimes when parked people would get in and take pictures  of themselves sitting!
Electric Hybrid Pedicabs

I haven't even gotten into my AdBike experience yet. These are just some of the campaigns I've done.
These Quads really draw an amazing of attention and are a great form of outdoor media!
Stay in shape with Pedal Powered Promotions.
Rubber -Necking Guaranteed

Love riding these machines!

One for Jasmina

Isabel Campaigns for her best friend

I heard the story about Jasmina a local 6 year old stricken with leukemia from a friend that lives in in my building. I wanted to help in some way. I thought it would be a great idea to get the word out with my AdBikes. So here we are Isabel ,her mom ,me and the adriders.We passed out leaflets and danced in the street to the special music that was recorded just for Jasmina! We were thrilled to let all of Harlem know about the drive at the Harlem Children's Zone.
She finally got a donor but lost her battle on January 27, 2010

Jasmina Anema, 6,  died on Wed, Jan 27, 2010. Jasmina Anema,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Velomobiles, a Real 21st Century Eco-Solution

I'm on the topic of Velomobile's some feedback has come in from out west. I was contacted by my good friend John Tetz from Succasanna N.J
John and I go back to the early days of the Metro Area Recumbent Society (MARS). Back then we had  our special MARS rides to Nyack starting at the Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge.Getting a group of bents together of up to 25 was so exciting at times I didn't think we'd get to ride.The first half hour all we did was marvel at each others machines especially John's! 

All his own engineering, design and building from scratch!
 Believe me his designs work.

 I rode the seagull Century with him.I was in my extremely fast Lightning F-40 Streamliner, John was in his little homemade Zote Mobile.Me and the F-40 just could not keep up, man was I Impressed!
Since those great days John has added a Third Wheel and a more practical approach to a great design!

A vehicle that is designed for the average cyclist!

The VeloMobile

John wrote:
Hey I've been looking over your Blog and thought there needs to be a article on 

So I have attached a possible article.

The classic bicycle has proven itself over the last 120 years as being efficient and practical machine. But it use has been mainly relegated to sport and exercise. We are in the 21st century where the environment is in need for a more viable human powered vehicle. For one the conventional bike is seasonally and weather limited.


 The Velomobile 
  ATrike with a shell.

The shell of course extends the riding season for the entire year and can provide some aerodynamic advantages.  I use one layer of heavy socks, light long johns, fleece pants, sweater, a light jacket, glove liners (gloves at 20 degrees), a skull cap (I'm bald) and a helmet. Certainly not overdressed with many layers of bulky clothing.

But the most important feature of a trike based VM is no need to balance. Balance may appear to be no big deal but after running a VM for 4 plus years I feel this to be number one on my list. 

As a transportation vehicle you're coming into many intersections. You're looking for pot holes, traffic patterns, etc and you see a car coming. In a two wheeled vehicle you have to quickly un-clip at least one foot and get that foot quickly down. Often I un-clip one foot before the intersection - hopefully it’s the correct foot.  The tension is high. In a VM you simply put on the brakes and come to a stop. You can spend more of your time and energy sizing up the intersection situation - relaxed - no tension.  On the take off you simply push on the pedals, no tension from a slow speed wobble as you get up to speed. You can even be in the wrong gear.  

This situation will occur over and over and over.  And it happens in mall parking lot intersections and   when a car is backing out of a parking spot. I have had to jamb on the brakes a few times. No big deal in a VM. It surprised me as to how important this simple appearing thing could be until I ran my VM for a few months.  

If I run a VM for several weeks and then get on a two wheeler I wiggle a bit for the first half hour or so until my muscle memory takes over. It’s not much but it’s there all the time.
I ride at night quite a bit and have gone down in a two wheeled vehicle because of black ice. No such problem in a VM. Again much more relaxed. Having to get the feet down does not make a viable alternate transportation vehicle.

Other features of a VM

Pleasurable and comfortable seating position  (thanks to the recumbent position).
Plenty of seat area for support better than sitting on a tiny bicycle seat 
More forgiving to the back - hands arms and neck are relaxed   
Head up relaxed position - easy to look around.

GOOD VISIBILITY  to other Vehicles 
Receive more respect in traffic as a ‘real’ vehicle
More easily seen by autos  at night.

 Built in, including directional signals.

Needed on a three wheeled vehicle.

Crash protection that a up right rider has none.

Most of the gear train is protected.

Suitable for everyday shopping
Rewarding to use as a shopping vehicle
No gasoline no pollution
Rider gets needed exercise
and does usefull work at the same time. Efficiency of the kind needed for the 21st century.

Just about every time I go up town someone stops to ask about my VM. The public sees it’s a trike and realize no need to balance. They also say they like my little car. The connection to car is good because car equals transportation.  The word bike equals recreation - sport - toy,  and stops a critically important  change in consciousness.  

I also feel VMs work better in suburbia. VMs are a bit wider than a two wheeler. Parking and security in cities would be more difficult. And because Suburbia is far from being green it needs help. Running a 3,000 pound vehicle for a typical 2 to 5 miles for shopping is not environmentally intelligent. 

The thing is we have the technology right now - we don’t have to wait for things like battery improvements and better electric vehicles - we have the vehicle - and the much needed exercise could lower heath care costs. 

I live in a town of 20,000. I am the only one riding just about every day to shop and run various errands. If 1 % were to ride that 200 people would be enough to convince the local government to start putting in bike lanes, and car drivers would be more accustomed to HPVs.  If 10% were to ride this would be enough to help the struggling environment. Who knows what else this could lead to?

I have been waiting for 25 years for an appropriate change in activity.
 I wonder if I will live long enough to see thousands of VMs darting around communities.








Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holland on Ice , Quest Velomobile Off Road

I've been yakking about Snow, Ice and Freezing temperatures on a regular basis now for the past month or two, though this video (below) from the Holland is more than fitting!

BTW ...These are Mango's as you can see the picture in the post below.

*Also note this is not the Hudson River Bikeway!
And there are no Bikesnobs anywhere!

This was sent to me from Dave the insanely ecstatic Quest Velomoblie Pilot on Martha's Vineyard.

Peter's velomobile Mango is named Yavixa plus he has a couple of different recumbents also.  The Exquisitely Beautiful black velomobile Mango+ with the incredible flame decal wrap belongs to a fellow named Wilfred.  He has christened her Velox Incendia and has only had her for a little over 2 weeks.

About the picture below. 
They are out riding on a lake (note skaters in the back ground) and were able to buy hot chocolate from someone who had set up shop out on the lake.

When i die and go to heaven, it's going to look just like Holland......(-;


Here's a video of The Mango's riding in Holland!

Thanks Dave
For more Dave or Quest , just click on Quest Velomobiles in the Labels !

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sun-bathe -The Great White North Hudson River Bikeway NYC

View from Top of my head!
Glad they didn't PLOW!
No MeDia at all

Monday, February 15, 2010

Racing Top End - Urban Mobility NYC


On my way to Central Park I ran into this amazing athlete! I was riding up tenth avenue and noticed his incredible machine, an aluminum racing Topend (and rider of coarse!) I stopped to ask him about his trike.He seemed in heaven to be on such great set of wheels! 

Extremely lite-weight and totally Organic no pedals,No chain,No gears,
Ready to race.

Benjamin was on his way to the west side bikeway for a warm up, probably about a 10 mile ride!
Hes training for the Boston Marathon! This guy has what it takes , riding out in traffic on NYC streets on his Top End Racing Wheelchair! After he pulled away I noticed he was going against traffic, this guy's amazing! I'm sure he knows his stuff!

Hi Benjamin,
Love to hear about your training adventures.There's my email below.Keep us posted! 
PS; If you click handcycles in the tag of this post you'll find other  articles.
Thanks for taking the time to chat.

I hope we cross paths again.Next time maybe we can ride together!
Urban Mobility Project

Bikeracks New York City

Bikes at Rest with Guitar -Battery Park City

  Critical Mass
Celebrity Bike Rack
Heavy Pedi
Snowed Inn
Helicopter Shot
Talking Heads

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thighs @ The Winter Olympics


Something to do with Cycling 

Whenever the winter Olympics come around this incredible photo of Eric Heiden always pops back into my head.It was on display in an exhibit in the World Financial Center a few years ago.

I remember my wife begging me to move on but I just could not take my eyes off it!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Eric Heiden Facts

Eric Heiden is one of the most incredible athletes to stride the earth. His Speedskating records are legendary, and at his size, he even competed in bicycle racing. Here are some facts that may shock you. Eric is known for his incredible thigh stength. This little fact is amazing.
"Eric Heiden still holds the record for maximal wattage output ever on the “Wingate” test, its something that has been done repeatedly since the 70’s, and its basically how much does your body generate over a maximal 30 second effort.
Every pro cyclist ever has done this, even with modern sports training & steroids & etc etc, no one has beaten Eric."
When asked about his leg training that pushed him to World/Olympic records and 29 inch thighs, he stated,
"When I was skating, there was ice only for a really short period of time. So we would have to do a lot of other cross training type things. I’d enjoyed cycling very much that is why I got into cycling. We used to lift weights a couple of times a week, we did a lot of running. I enjoyed the variety. All those things I enjoyed doing. I certainly wouldn’t want to do one all the time, but to have the variety and the camaraderie with my teammates; it was a lot of fun. We did a lot of squats, step-ups. We never did a lot of weights, but a lot of repetitions. The most I would use doing squats was 300 pounds. That was it."

markrif said...
as I wrote on the dd forum he only used 300 pounds but he would do 100's of reps each set. the man is one of the original leg mutants.
Petr said...
OH, that explain something... 100 squats with 300 pounds, jesus