Sunday, February 7, 2010

We Take ReQuests


 Yellow VeloQuest
From Marth'a s Vineyard What a ride!

I dropped my daughter off at school via Jeep at 9:00 AM this morning and then flew back home where I pulled out my Quest for a quick spin.

  I hit 42 mph on Barnes Rd on the way into town and stopped at Reliable Market for a few things.
From there I went around Ocean Park and got on the Beach Rd heading to Edgartown. I was hitting 30 + mph passing Heart Haven when a Oak Bluffs cruiser passed me going the other way.
I caught the light at the first bridge just perfect and flew through at 25 mph.  Just before I got to the second bridge, that OB cruiser had turned around and had finally caught up to me with his lights flashing.  I pulled over to the right and he asked, over his loud speaker if I could pull over to the other side of the road, which I did.  He was walking up from behind as I was undoing the skirt and popping the lid.

I said, "Ya know, this thing doesn't have a motor." to which he replied, "You sure?"  I just cracked up with that question and he joined in with the laughter.  He said that he clocked me at 37 mph at Heart Haven  and that the VTA bus following me was getting dropped behind.

He then said that I had been the talk of the police department as to what is the big yellow thing that had been flying around, if it was motor vehicle or pedal powered.

He suggested that I get a flag as he had heard from different people that they couldn't see me very well.  I told him that flags from the rear have been shown not to be all that effective and if someone didn't see me then they were doing something other than driving when behind the wheel of a moving motor vehicle, to which he agreed.  He said that he was worried about my well being of which I honestly believe he was.

I told him about the fellow down in Florida who had been pulled 18 times and had gone to court twice.

I then headed into Edgartown and down to Katama and a few of those lovely roads that brought me out to The Edgartown West Tisbury Rd at Morning Glory Farm, then a quick spin to Airport Rd and back to my home.  Rolling time was 25 miles in 1 hour and  20 minutes, averaging 18.5 mph.

Getting pulled over by that cop made my day.........(-;


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