Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility - PUMA

Segway and GM's foray into togetherness begets (sob!) the PUMA

The Imagination of GM

Oh They must be KIDDING!


The best General Motors and it's staff of engineers can do for the Urban Centers of America.You think maybe they're trying to tell us something? If I were GM I don't think I'd announce this to Loudly? 

Drunk drivers in cars are bad enough. Could you imagine having a few and trying driving home in this?


 The F lip Side!


From The imagination of our world wide 

Cycling Community!

Human Powered Vehicles...

GM might want to hire a couple of these guys to help clean up the mess!

Varna HPV
Top Speed 82mph
Go online and check the records it for yourself?
Quest MVVM

Just to compare
Go One Velomobile
Glyde Velomobile
from Greenspeed in Australia

 All from Europe


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