Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holland on Ice , Quest Velomobile Off Road

I've been yakking about Snow, Ice and Freezing temperatures on a regular basis now for the past month or two, though this video (below) from the Holland is more than fitting!

BTW ...These are Mango's as you can see the picture in the post below.

*Also note this is not the Hudson River Bikeway!
And there are no Bikesnobs anywhere!

This was sent to me from Dave the insanely ecstatic Quest Velomoblie Pilot on Martha's Vineyard.

Peter's velomobile Mango is named Yavixa plus he has a couple of different recumbents also.  The Exquisitely Beautiful black velomobile Mango+ with the incredible flame decal wrap belongs to a fellow named Wilfred.  He has christened her Velox Incendia and has only had her for a little over 2 weeks.

About the picture below. 
They are out riding on a lake (note skaters in the back ground) and were able to buy hot chocolate from someone who had set up shop out on the lake.

When i die and go to heaven, it's going to look just like Holland......(-;


Here's a video of The Mango's riding in Holland!

Thanks Dave
For more Dave or Quest , just click on Quest Velomobiles in the Labels !

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