Monday, February 15, 2010

Racing Top End - Urban Mobility NYC


On my way to Central Park I ran into this amazing athlete! I was riding up tenth avenue and noticed his incredible machine, an aluminum racing Topend (and rider of coarse!) I stopped to ask him about his trike.He seemed in heaven to be on such great set of wheels! 

Extremely lite-weight and totally Organic no pedals,No chain,No gears,
Ready to race.

Benjamin was on his way to the west side bikeway for a warm up, probably about a 10 mile ride!
Hes training for the Boston Marathon! This guy has what it takes , riding out in traffic on NYC streets on his Top End Racing Wheelchair! After he pulled away I noticed he was going against traffic, this guy's amazing! I'm sure he knows his stuff!

Hi Benjamin,
Love to hear about your training adventures.There's my email below.Keep us posted! 
PS; If you click handcycles in the tag of this post you'll find other  articles.
Thanks for taking the time to chat.

I hope we cross paths again.Next time maybe we can ride together!
Urban Mobility Project

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