Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Media Blitz NYC, Hudson River Bikeway!

As I approached the sanitation depot at 12th street and the West side bikeway I noticed an overload of MEDIA trucks.I knew it was all about The SNOW and couldn't believe how many mobile units were on standby.It was as if NYC had never seen a snowstorm before. I kinda remember a few of these making they're way up here, although I could be wrong!    

I teased the crew a little bit about all the HUBUB,  they handled it really well.... 
yes Slippery,
yes Stay indoors, 
yes Poor visibility,
yes Delays! 

well be right back after this word from.....

Here's Tommy waiting for the Motherload!

They're all over it!
Hope I didn't get your hackles up...
Was good to meet you guys!
Hi Tommy I hope you made it here!

Urban Mobility Project

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