Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quest On Time!


Here is the official race report.

We have all heard of Bike Porn but XX?  Holy Crap.....LOL




Our impromptu Time Trial in Katama worked out much better than expected with 9 riders participating...

We plan on continuing this series every Thursday night until further notice, so please spread the word and come join in, help out, or's all good!!!!

I took the liberty of placing participants in classes based on time.

XX Class

David Whitmon holds the record for fastest time under human power with a blazing 12:54 in his aerodynamic velomobile.  Congrats David!

Class A (Under 14 minutes)
Lee Greathouse 13:22
Greg Berks 13:26
Frank Jennings 13:30

Class B
Rodrigo Morales 14:17
Chris Sykes 14:40
Jim Miller 14:50
David Murphy 15:00
Fergus Henderson 17:28
The unofficial course distance is 5.4 miles but has not been certified yet...
Very little time separates the riders in each respective class so this should provide some spirited competition over the summer!!!!
If you are interested in racing, volunteering, or for general information, please contact David at or via cell 508-326-8479.

Come join us for some friendly competition.  All levels are welcome!!!!!!
A special thanks goes out to our VOLUNTEERS who made this event a safe one...thank you to Nikki, Jim, Sarah, Aaron, and Greg for assisting us.  The only thing we need to work on is our bike holding skills right Greg?

Ride safe!

I flew by the finish line and went about a half mile down the road before turning around.  I got back to where everyone was gathered and climbed out.
I walked up and asked, "Who won?"  There was a mass "You Did."

I was looking at the times and said "Holy Shit."

Frank had left 60 seconds ahead of me but by half way up, heading north on the right fork I could see him in the distance.  A longer course and I would have been passing folks.

I beat Frank by 36 seconds. When I said "Not bad for a 80 + pound pedal car" he took a look at my Quest and wanted to know just what kind of watts I was putting out.

I hit that 180 degree turn just right. The right approach,  the right gear at the right time.  I don't know how fast I was going through that turn but I slingshot right through it.

"There was one fellow who I thought wasn't to happy with my win but the rest of the guys were all having a blast."  

Lee, the young man who came in second was riding a steel framed road bike.   There were some VERY high end Time Trial Bikes on the course, carbon fiber and titainium and one Merlin made of both materials with a very expensive TT rear wheel. I beat that one by over 2 minutes.

I'm hoping this will bring more folks out.   I can see it now. "Beat the hippy in the pedal car".....LOL



Here is the official race report.

We have all heard of Bike Porn but XX?  Holy Crap.....LOL


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