Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Travoy - Bike Shop & More.....

Thanks to Burley for letting me use Travoy Cargo Trailer in NYC.
We've used it to messenger,go shopping and just haul stuff around.

If you live in an Urban Center, Its a no brainier.The bags that it comes with have a system that allows them to clamp on and were a big hit with everyone we showed them to!

Travoy folds,the wheels pop off and it fits into its own little bag!

Messenger Travoy

 John takes a load off!
Hearald Sq

Just before they released it I was trying to find a bicycle trailer that I could load up and simply detach from my bike and walk right into a freight elevator with the load! It becomes a real time-saver for larger deliveries in NYC!

Bike Shop Travoy 

Aimee At the counter in Tribeca

I've used other trailers in the past like The BOB.
BOB  works well as far as hauling but just can't be used off the bike because its a one wheel trailer and flops side to side!

The Travoy is not really bent ready but I managed to secure the mount down to my rack solid enough to actually use it!

Hauling Travoy

 Hauling my sons bike Battery Park City

Union Sq Farmers Market
 Please produce a mount for recumbents with racks!
Hope someone hears me!

Having the style seat I have on my Easy Racers Gold Rush allows a hell of a lot of baggage.
I can hang two large shopping bags right off the top of the seat! 
Imagine how much I could fit by adding the Travoy!

 That's two 25lb bags of groceries hangin off my seat!
If you have light weight wheels don't try this  - OK!
My wife had a super light wheel - every time she went shopping ....
A spoke Popped!

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Watching the Game!

Bleacher Bums
Best seats in The House!


Up the Ladder...... 
I thought I was good look at this guy! 
I ran into Nachum in the street one day ,we just stared at each others bikes for a few minutes in total silence


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  1. Wow, nice trailer pics! The most fun I ever had with a Travoy was pulling early morning runs to New York City's Chinatown to pick up boxes of coconuts for our shop. How can you beat $11 for a box of 9 fresh coconuts? That's better than Naked or Zico any day. I really like how you can just clip it off and use it like a hand truck. Check out how I used the Burley to get our shop a tropical coconut holiday at