Sunday, June 27, 2010

NYC Pride!

After Spending years avoiding The Gay Pride Parade, this turned out to be the most fun I've ever had on an AdBike Campaign!

Christopher St 
NYC 2008

I waited a long time for the appropriate time to post this !


Pride Marches On

Although you can't see the machine, she is being peddled on a converted Pedicab!

Poleriders Pride!

Check out NYC's  friendliest advertising company!

Been to Busy to Blog , 
Thought I'd catch - up....

 About two weeks ago I exited the bikeway at 72nd street about 1:30pm  to find a what I thought was a Taxi Cab demonstration.

 I asked one of the drivers , he told me there was a mosque on the corner. So if you can't get a cab on Friday  afternoons ,now you know why.Even Pedicabs were parked!



Last week we took a family trip to Figment Festival on Governors Island.Here are some photo's..

The Bubble Mobile - Kids ride free!

Hungry Man Marching Band?



Family Trip to South Beach,Staten Island, NY
 Ends with Good Time?

The Water is OK ,The Beach is Clean,
Great boardwalk with  bike lane !

Just a 5 mile ride from the ferry on all secondary roads with very little traffic!

An empty beach on a 90 degree day?


Look at this fancy bathroom!

Our friends Joao and Claudia meet us there,waiting for pic's!
I think this would make a great first Urban Mobility Project Family Bike Trip, umm??

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