Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wow - The World Finally Reaching Critital Mass!!

Google Photo of the Week!

It’s from a recent Critical Mass in Budapest, Hungary. 
Not quite the same in the states.

Critical Mass on Earth Day in Budapest

Here are some scene's from Critical Mass in NYC

My Wife and I were sitting in a cafe in Paris all of a sudden about 2000 rollerbladers went by followed by about 10,000 cyclists,WOW Critical Mass in Paris ,France!
We found out when the next one would be and joined it (Of coarse we had our bicycles with us!)
Lots of fun!!
Paris provided a POLICE escort just to be sure the ride was safe.

Well as you can see NYC also provides a POLICE escort!!
Critical Mass is lots of fun and should be embraced by NYC , not met by Police in Riot gear!

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