Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bicycle Commuter-NYC

Challenged & Hardcore - Tales from the West side
Bikeway - NYC

I looked out the window this morning I noticed we were in the midst of yet another nor'easter.It was a very pleasant windswept rain with temps in the 40's. As always I refused our lovely mass transit system to get me to work.

So I went for  my survival kit !

Rain Pants
Rain Coat
Gortex Ski Socks
Gortex Merrill's
Bear Claws ,the things hangin off my handlebars
.................(I'm not new to this,ya know)

oh yea my Balaclava too!

I really get some looks in the elevator, well it does look like I'm going skin diving in the arctic.
First problem ,after unlocking my waterlogged bike its really hard to get my hands back into my gloves , they're sopping wet.

Off I went ,somehow after about a mile my rear derailleur cage cracked in half,(just great doing repairs in the pouring rain), but off with the gloves.I was able to rig it just enough to ride. Not so bad riding ,at least I have the bikeway to myself ,that's worth something, RIGHT?

The west side highway traffic going uptown was fierce. At 12th street  I noticed lots of police vehicles and a Semi sitting sideways on the highway.The semi was causing  major problems for all the poor automobile commuters and definitely ruined the normal insane traffic mess that they put up with everyday  !!

Well I had to prove that I really was out riding today ,so I braved stopping and taking my sopping wet gloves off, getting my teeny tiny cell phone out of it's little case without getting it wet like the last time, so I could take some pictures with my frozen greasy hands!

You can see the semi in the first photo ,otherwise its just another nutty bike photo (except this is really cool bike). Sorry about the poor quality, but see how your pics come out if you get in the shower and take a few., You'll see what I mean !
BTW, I have ridden in much worse weather then this!

Just for the record I did see at least 3 cyclists and a few runners out today.I made sure I acknowledged each one of them with a wave...they all waved back!
Once you get wet its really not that bad.
Just think about all the Bicycle Messengers and all the food delivery done by People Riding Bicycles
NO  matter what the WEATHER!
That's what drives me to get out there on days like this.
I know if they can do it ,so can I!
Anyway,it might kill me to have to use the subway on a day like this!

This little story is for anyone that has what it takes to get out in it!

Challenged & Hardcore

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