Friday, December 18, 2009

The Battery Park City Conservancy - Misunderstood !

Misunderstood by Gateway Plaza?? 

With all the stress we are all under this sort of thing can really get to you....
Thank you to everyone at the conservancy for all the AMAZING things you do to keep this such a great place to live!
Reprinted from The Broadsheet our favorite local newspaper!
Hope this clears things up! 

To the editor:
I am one of the many cyclists that live in Gateway Plaza. We've just learned that the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy will be removing our bicycle racks that we use on a daily basis. We've been calling and e-mailing them but are not getting any response. Battery Park City prides itself on being the greenest neighborhood in America. Removing these bike racks makes no sense!

One of the reasons my family lives here is so we don't have to deal with the mass transit system and can come and go as we like on one of the nation's busiest and most beautiful bikeways! If anything BPC needs lots more bike parking to encourage more of the community to get out and enjoy the beautiful neighborhood we live in! Distressed, Shelly Mossey

From the editor:
We looked into this, and apparently there has been some misunderstanding of what is happening and why. Leticia Remauro, spokesperson for the Battery Park City Authority (of which the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy is a part), said in an e-mail: "BPCPC is currently installing additional bike racks for public use around River Terrace and North End Avenue near Murray Street. The public should be advised that public bicycle racks are not for overnight storage of bikes. The public should be further advised that, when necessary, the BPC Park Enforcement Patrol (PEP) will, after tagging the bikes to notify the owners, remove bikes stored on the public racks." Ms. Remauro went on to say that the policy is to discourage people from using "the racks for their long-term personal storage. They take spaces from others, which defeats the purpose of having bike racks to encourage bike use. It's similar to parking your car. If you leave it too long, it is removed."

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