Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not A Good Sign

After seeing Ellen bicycle commuting home in the freezing cold last night how could I even think of not riding to work today! As I approached the bikeway at Stuyvesant H.S. I came across something that was defiantly Not a Good Sign!

The headwind was so strong I was almost brought to a complete standstill in certain areas!

I've been in much worse.Like the time I was crossing the GW Bridge in one of the NOREASTER's in the 90's.The wind was blowing so hard that I kept my eye on the railing just in case I became Airborne!!

One good thing about it is that I know the ride home would be a snap, with a great TAILWIND!!


  1. Just after rain wind is what I always check when looking at the forecast, so your story morale made me smile. Happy 2010 from CPH

  2. Thanks CPH! I always wonder who the other maniacs are that are out there riding in extreme conditions like yesterday. There are a few that Ive been passing everyday for years! When the weather gets a little warmer i,m going to find out who they are!
    Thanks for the feedback!

    What part of the world are you from?

  3. CPH = Copenhagen :-) Looks like snow going to work here on monday