Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day Central Park

Went for a New Years Day spin in Central Park on my Goldrush Recumbent Bicycle. After two weeks of celebrating I feel like a bloated COW. If I don't get a little exercise I'm afraid I might Explode!

I stopped on the roadway to take my camera out and got the usual reaction from some tourists left over from Times Sq.
They just couldn't get over it.
Recumbent Bicycles seem to have that effect on people in New York City!

No Matter what goes on in the world there are always be signs of life in Central Park! As I sat  on the roadway watching everyone go by ,people that I didn't even know were coming over to wish me a Happy New Year.I guess it was a good chance for someone to introduce themselves, after seeing me doing laps on that funny looking bike for the past several years. It was good to get out!

My Favorite Spot!
The Benches at west 67th street! 

A rare sight
Recumbent Rider New York City

Here's Bert sporting his new Helmet windshield oh yea and his Rans Extreme Recumbent.


 There goes Judy a regular central park runner
She stopped her daily run to chat. After talking for a few minuets ,I asked if I know her.She said she's just been seeing me riding that thing for years and wanted to wish me a Happy New Year!

Was good to get out!

Happy New Year!

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