Saturday, January 30, 2010

18 Degrees and Shopping

 In an attempt to get some riders out for a spin I posted a ride on Facebook. I got one response but way too late.

So I decided to go shopping. I love taking the Organic Engines Pedicab Trike! Man, Dan makes one amazing machine. Thanks Dan. I could probably shop 4 four family's with that thing and its so much fun to ride!

My hands froze getting these pictures and apparently the lens must have fogged when I left the store,they always ask, DELIVERY!
No thanks ,always gets some pretty funny looks walking out with 3 or 4 bags that weigh about 75lbs!

I roll right up to the front door of my building and unload ,next to me there are usually others unloading as well from their S U V's ! 
Guess I seem pretty ridiculous to them

I can't believe the lens was fogged 

Lots of Goody's

Shopping can be

Urban Mobility Project


  1. Went for a little spin today. When I started out it was 18 degrees F.
    45 miles later it got up to a balmy 20 degrees F and I was snug as a bug in a rug in my lovely Velomobile Quest.