Thursday, January 14, 2010

Netherlands to Martha's Vineyard

 Quest Velomobile in Yellow

I met Dave about 25 years ago. He was sitting by Alleys General Store on Martha's Vineyard with a group of mountain bikers.That's right Dave its been that long. He did seem to stand out ,maybe it was because of the the Seagull feathers in his helmet!

Martha's Vineyard is my favorite place in the whole world especially for cycling. I don't think it can be beat.The Vineyard has an amazing cycling infrastructure and network of bicycle paths that allow to ride just about anywhere on the island without any interaction with automobiles!

That's the reason a Velomobile is the perfect vehicle for Martha's Vineyard! After lusting after recumbent trikes for years Dave ended up with one of the most amazing machines on the planet a

I wanted to share his progress and excitment starting from day one.
So here are our email exchanges. I hope you enjoy reading them!

Quest Velomobile Trike

Hey Shelly ,
I made the final payment on the Quest. It should ship this coming Monday or Tuesday.
Serial Number is QB009. Quest-Bluevelo-009. The 9th North American Velomobile Quest made.  I can't wait.
Hi Dave
 Just in time for winter.
Are you and Lucinda going Velo - ing?
You're going to be thrilled riding inside it really heats up in there, so dress lightly and bring a jacket so you don’t freeze when you get out!
Have fun

I just got an email that my shipping date will be the end of next week. Friday instead of Monday or Tuesday.......)-; they found a flaw in the yellow fairing and did not want to proceed with assembly with that fairing.  This is plan of the Universe to teach me patience........LOL
A fellow in Michigan got his, QB006, the 6th North American Quest just a week ago Monday. They are getting them out one by one.  Lucinda got herself a "Velo Kit", a full fairing for her Catrike. I was kind of skeptical about it as it was about $1,000.00 but after seeing it first hand it looks good and is well made.
It would be great to have someone to cruise with as the guys I ride with on diamond frame bikes are going to be a chore to ride with at such a slow speed. In fact it will take more energy to ride at such a slow pace than at speed.  Now don't go telling them that I said that........LOL

There is one guy on the
Island who rides a Sun recumbent bike with a front fairing. He has thought of a name for a club, "Odd Velo's" for the growing recumbent crowd which is rather cool and some what appropriate. 

The neat thing about the Quest is it has a floor to stash ones stuff......(-; When I first saw Lucinda's new fairing I commented how the fairing covered her panniers as well as herself. She then asked me how I was going to carry anything with the Quest. You should have seen the very quizzical look on her face when I told her that the quest had a floor and quite a bit of storage space. I sent her a couple of pictures of the inside of a Quest but have not heard back from her.
She will see it soon enough. 

How’s it going Dave? 

The personal motor vehicle is a unsustainable dinosaur at its end. Recumbents, Velomobiles and Bicycles are the future. 

This afternoon will mark one week that I've had the Quest. Last Friday after getting it uncrated and set up I took a small spin around the subdivision. I didn't ride it much until Saturday and Sunday and just about every night this past week.  

Friday, that first evening, I must have just sat in it for hours. It really is neat that feeling of being enclosed within in this machine. Steering is becoming second nature and with but the slightest in put into the tiller it goes where I want. I can't even see the wheels from within the Quest.
It really feels like flying. 

In the picture of my Quest that you have posted, you can see the lights I have added to the Quest. They are mounted to the "hood" of the Quest. They are AY UP lights that I bought months ago especially for the Quest seeking a light that I couldn't out run at 40 to 50 mph. They are amazing lights. I have been screaming across the state forest at night in the rain and I must look like a meteor flying down the trail.  
I'm guessing I've ridden in excess of 120 miles so far in the Quest.

I can't get enough

In 4 weeks I've ridden over 500 miles around and about the Island. I've hit 55 mph coming off of Abel's Hill on South Rd. 45 mph on the Vineyard Haven Rd quite a few times and 40 + on Barnes Rd heading into Oak Bluffs.
I have hit 40 + mph more times than I can count.

I love that machine
What’s happening, NYC is in the middle of a snowstorm!

Storm isn't here yet though it is on the way. I wanted to check the mail today so I headed for the Oak Bluffs Post Office via a loop through Katama, then Edgartown and a cruise up Beach Rd to Oak Bluffs at 20 + mph while being buffeted by 30 mph side winds. I then rode to the Vineyard Haven Library, to the bike shop and finally the grocery store.
I am riding so very much more than I would if I didn't have my Quest.
It's a pure joy to ride

Quest With Rain Canopy
Yes he's in there!

Hi Dave,
WOW! I guess you have a new problem.
Who’s going to be able to ride with you?
The Vineyard roads are great for Streamliners! With the Quest you can ride in anything and still be comfortable and warm. I’m sure its amazing machine. I wish I could fit into Johannes Quest for a test ride!

Those speeds are way faster than my socked Goldrush. Is able the hill by the cemetery, the last good downhill before you get to Alleys?
I can only get to about 43mph going down.

Have any of your friends gone out riding with you?
Glad you’re happy with the Quest
Have fun,

High Powered Lights

You’re right. I haven't ridden with anyone since I got it.
The Quest is a real Screecher down hill. It's gotten to the point that traveling along at 20 mph seems very slow at times. 

Have you seen the post card that was done of my daughters and I on our triplet?

It's on all the post card racks on the island. 


Ridin the triple with the family and
Seagull feathers!
State Forest  Bikeway, Marta's Vineyard

We are Extremly interested in any comments/feedback you might have
Don't be shy!


  1. Great write up Shelly. Lots of fun.

    Many Thanks


  2. My pleasure,
    I just CAN NOT get enough! I'm still getting an amazing amount of hits!
    Your a STAR ,baby!

    Today I rode my mom around in our Organic Engines Pedicab!
    She's visiting from California!We also went shopping at Whole food,I was able to take her and 4 bags of groceries. I pulled right up to the front door of our Dman Bldg to drop her and the groceries.

  3. Easy Mobility.

    That is what it's all about.

    Give my regards to your mom.