Tuesday, January 12, 2010

NYC Car -Free Zone - Get to Know Hudson River Bikeway Commuters

Hudson River Bikeway Commuters

Here's Alex...

A NYC Car Free Zone
Commute in Green
We met on the bikeway this morning going north.Even with a  the temperature 24 degrees, he was good enough to pose for me. Nice Bike! He rides everywhere in the 5 boro's on his bicycle.The thought of being underground in the SUBWAY and missing all this beauty would kill him!  I couldn't agree more.
Listening his passion for the views from all the NYC bridges was defiantly a feeling I could relate to.
Hey Alex if you need some input on riding with you child send me an email.

Today before I ran into Alex...
I stopped at Canal St to take photos of some NYC Hudson River bikeway commuters.
These are people I see everyday!

Give a Wave!

Here's Phil


And some others that just rode by,,,,



Arrive Happy!


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