Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Spin / West Side Bikeway /Bicycle Commuter NYC

 Happy Hour on the West Side Bikeway!

  Here's my first introduction. A very content cyclist named Stephanie. She was in a rather  normal looking outfit on her way to work .She even rode in a Skirt, thats dedication!

I pulled up to her on my magic carpet.

Bicycle Commuter NYC!

I asked what makes you ride even in extreme winter temps? Well its just better than freezing on my walk to the subway downtown  and  freezing again walking all the way to my office right on west street!

Where you coming from?
I from Battery Park city everyday!
On her way to her job at Martha Stewart. Everyone one at work thinks she's out of her mind! If only they knew what a pleasure the bikeway is compared to the NYC Subway, YUK!
I hope Martha appreciates your amazing efforts! Don't forget your entitled to $20 cash a month from your employer for bicycle commuting!

If you see Stephanie make sure and give a Wave! I guess you'll know its her by the helmet,backpack and wool mittens!

Great to meet you .I hope you find this blogspot.
If you do feel free to leave a message or email

Was fun chating!
My goal is to create a community of  bicycle commuters that are more than just cyclists passing each other everyday on the bikeway!

Sorry the photos are so crappy but I was riding .Ill have to practice riding and taking photos.




I also met Matt on his way to work.
Riding for ten years on the same bike .Rebuilt 2 times! My bike is an Easyracer Goldrush !
He really wanted to time Ill get a photo and real interview!

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