Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good Excuse -The New York City Bikeway !

I think I'm winning the battle of Bicycle vs Nature. I can get myself dressed and out the door if I have an actual destination.Just having coffee with a friend is a good excuse and motivation enough to get me on my bike.At least get the exercise of riding a few miles. It takes me longer to get dressed than it does to ride to midtown,but I wouldn't do it any other way!

Big Digital at Chelsea Piers, you can see the temperature for yourself, include winds out of the NW raging at 25-30 mph.


I ran into a very Stubborn cyclist named Toni from the west village in NYC.She refused to use The NYC Subway System.This is her second winter of New York City cycling. She defiantly has the Force with her! It was really cold out in that headwind give her some credit.There aren't  a lot of folks that have this much DRIVE and FOCUS.
She admitted to being cold so I hope this will help. Windproof Mittens,Helmet and Balaclava and Booties for your Feet!

Sorry I cut you off in the photo hard to get a good shot when I'm moving!

I hope she had a really good reason to be out there.Maybe she was going to Fairway?
Hope you make it cycling through the winter! Stay warm in touch....And get some Mittens!

Here are some other Photo Op's I just could not Resist!

The Norweigan Gem
Docked on west 45th street
Man that thing is huge!
 Glad it was to cold for Homeland security to come out and harass me!

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