Friday, January 8, 2010

West Side Winter Bikeway Commuter

Happy Hour on the Bikeway!
Best commute in NYC, Battery Park City to west 31st street.

My Neighbor Howie....

Stephanie meet a fellow West side Bikeway Bicycle Commuter.
Howie you can scroll down and meet Stephanie!

On his way to work at west 31st Street.
Has a bike for every occasion.
Rides everyday no matter what the weather brings.
The thought of using the NYC Subway makes him want to HURL!
Wonders how NYC subway riders put up with it,and you have to pay for it TOO?
Lusts after a Quest Velomobile!

Give him a wave.... 

There he goes....


Got better with the PHONE CAM
Here I am just getting to my office on west 36th street.

I guess I forgot to clean the snow off !

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