Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Pace ! The Hudson River Bikeway -NYC

Happy Hour
Cycling's answer to NYC Gridlock!

Brooklyn Gina!
Hope you find this blog....

This morning I saw what looked like a Fixie Couple from Brooklyn, 
plowin up the Bikeway,YO!
She was right on his wheel, Cool Fixies?, Cool gear and Bags.
As I rode up to them I asked, Are you together? (I know sounds more like something you ask in a club.)
 No.........He was just doing a good pace! So I told her all about what I was doing.She was good enough to
"S l o w" .... it down and give me her spin.
Turns out she worked at Martha Stuart also and now has a new job as a designer at another company (forgot the name ,Sorry) in the fashion world.
Gina started bike commuting two years ago an loves it. I think she rides from Bayridge?
If you want to clarify all this just send me an EM! .

I bet she rides about 8 ? miles each Way. Sounds like a good ride!

Oh yea ....Bike New York ,Since you asked
I've done it many times.Its lots of fun.The start is jam packed and there are lots of little mishaps at the beginning.The ride gets held up in several places and at times can be a real pain. Especially getting home from Staten Island
But I highly recommend doing it. Its an Amazing way to see the city as long as you don't mind the other 30,000 cyclists!

There she goes Give her a WAVE!

...Thanks for chatting


Some Others on my way Home

Going to a Gig?

Just a happy Rider!

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