Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NYC Bike Commuter -Hudson River Bikeway,NYC

Happy Hour!
A cyclists answer to the NYC Gridlock!

I swear we've passing each other for at least 10 years.She's out on the Bikeway in all types of  extreme weather. It was so cool to finally get to speak with her. It felt like we've know each other for years,
I guess we have......

I know her by the white helmet.


I'm an criminal defense attorney with the Legal Aid Society.  We are the primary public defender organization in New York City.

I've been a bike commuter for 18 years.

I ride from 105th street and Broadway to my office on Thomas Street in Tribeca.  Round trip it is about 14 miles, but is almost exclusively on the Hudson River bike path.  I have the best commute in New York City.  I ride my bike all over the city when doing investigations on my cases.

I've always love bike riding.  Becoming a bike commuter wasn't really a conscious decision, it's just the way I've always gotten around.  It's a great way to start the work day, and riding home at night always puts me in a "good mood" even after a terrible day in court.

I ride year round rain or shine even in extreme conditions.  It seems the worse the weather is, the worse mass transit is, so it just makes sense to ride every day.

I've seen the same bike commuters everyday for years.  I have my own names for all of them.  We're like family, except we don't really know one another. 

I wonder what name she has for me? 

I was thinking that once all the Hudson River Bikeway Riders are a little more acquainted might be a good IDEA to meet for Coffee at The Boathouse in Central Park or The Frying Pan Barge on west 26th street and the Bikeway!


Two More
I didn't really get their names but that's a great cargo rack.
Sorry I missed your head!

Oh here he is....
That's me with the cargo rack, Jonas.
nice picture, i don't miss the head, you got the bike and gear.
great blog, thanks, see you out there

 This guy had a bad knee and solved the problem on his own. I think he rides from somewhere deep in Brooklyn.
His knee is much better now!

on her way to work


  1. that's me with the cargo rack, jonas.
    nice picture, i don't miss the head, you got the bike and gear.
    great blog, thanks, see you out there

  2. Shelly

    You need to invite those lovely cycle commuting to Martha's Vineyard.


  3. Oops. That should be cycle commuting ladies to Martha's Vineyard

    Dave (again)