Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bicycle Tour to Martha's Vineyard!

 The Ride to Montauk
The Ride to Martha's Vineyard 

Just a quick note!
I'm working on a week long Cycling Tour to Martha's Vineyard.It's custom made for all cycling The Ride to Montauk on June 19th 2010! I just want to see if you had any interest.So I posted a brief description as a stand alone page on the top of the addition I've set up official page go have a look.
Heres a link to;
The Ride To Martha's Vineyard

Welcome To Montauk
Welcome to Martha's Vineyard

Vintage Quest Velomobile? 
Upright Trike
The Granery Gallery
County Road,Martha's Vineyard,Ma.

Thanks for the visit!
This link will bring you to the Ride To Martha's page for some more info
Phone just click here to call me(just kidding)
917 295 1954

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