Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weather in Cycles

Last Sunday spring like temps got us out of the neighborhood. Here we are arriving at Washington Sq. Park.I guess the press heard we were on the way! 
It was great to take the Organic Engines Pedicab out for a Spin!

The Arch

It was great to be out in a different part of the city.The scene at Washington sq Park  is always lots of fun.Here's a taste of a really delicious urban paradise tucked away in New York City's, West Village.

Oh Yea! so happy, great weather.
Ready for the next Weather Cycle and 


Just four days later!

South End Av,
The rack@Whole Foods
I was very excited to take out one of the trikes and go shopping the day after the storm.
This is the bike rack at whole foods with buried bikes.I hope the owners weren't planning on riding!

Got all my groceries and some exercise!

Navel Oranges is that a good price?

The Zigo Child Carrier Trike 
is great for shopping and carrying heavy loads.
Its also lots of fun in the snow!

Its always great to see some of the riders that I profiled for Happy Hour Bicycle Commuters.I see Schmitty, Anne, Ellen and Bill all the time!
And I'll tell ya another thing the Bikeway is always plowed right after the storm.
At least we got that goin for us!

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