Saturday, March 20, 2010

Martha's Vineyard , No, you're not on Long Island!

 Lots of people envision Martha's Vineyard to be just like The Hamptons or Jersey Shore.That's just not the case!

In Print : Feiffer on Feiffer

By Karla Araujo
Published: March 18, 2010

Martha's Vineyard Times

"Backing into Forward" includes a chapter devoted to Mr. Feiffer's introduction to summer on Martha's Vineyard. Finding it a welcome relief from Long Island, he purchased a home here and continues to treasure his seasonal respite from New York City. "The Vineyard is the place I've lived, vacationed, and worked most happily," he says. "When the weather is nice I write outside under a tree in an Adirondack chair. And when I stare into space, it's comforting to think 'I own it.'"As for retirement, Mr. Feiffer shrugs it off. "I've been retired all my life," he quips, adding, in a more serious tone: "I was fortunate enough to walk into doing work I love, the way I want to do it, over the years getting away with murder. It didn't make me rich but it made me famous. I'm happy to move from one area of endeavor to another."

"Backing into Forward, A Memoir," by Jules Feiffer
Backing Into Forward, Martha's 


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