Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cycling to Austrialia - Last Stop NYC !

Here's something you don't see everyday at least in Manhattan! I was just thrilled to see a loaded cyclist going down Broadway in NYC traffic. Of course I stopped to chat.

WOW Three years on the ROAD!

This is John Harwood on the final days of his round the world trip.I gave him directions to the Brooklyn Bridge. He was very excited to see it and cycle over to a friend for an overnight.From there up Atlantic to Kennedy Airport and home.You can read all about his great adventure at his blog ....


Hi Shelly,
Good to meet you the other day. You can send the photos to this address.
I have had a look at your blog, the are some interesting machines there. I will have a proper read of it when I get home. Today is the day, it seems strange to be heading for home!
All the best,


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