Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stressed - Hudson River Greenway

Didn't expect to run into critical mass!

All this great Premature spring weather seems to have caused the West Side Bikeway to become a cyclists nightmare. I went out for a short ride yesterday afternoon with a friend and was not having fun at all.
The bikeway was just one big mess!

Just to give you an idea here's a photo of the park my son refused to go into because it was just to crowed...

Not a lot of room for kids with all the strollers and parents

 Massive amounts of people walking ,running, sightseeing , riding with dogs, large groups riding and running, four 4 abreast,accidentS,electric scooters ,skateboarders ,bloodied riders on the side on the road.

A fight or two!

Why the city has no one monitoring the bikeway is just beyond me!

All these groups need to be split up! Skateborders,and people riding with dogs need to be ticketed People walking need to be asked to walk on the walking path right next to the bikeway!

There are alternate streets for downtown you can exit at 14th st and take the nice quiet bikeway on Washington St.
Greenwich street will take you uptown starting at canal!

I was so annoyed I didn't take any photos except when I hooked up with Joao.....

 Goldrush with carbon fiber faring!

Today my neighborhood has the pleasure of hosting the end of the NYC Half Marathon!!!
Can't they do this these gigantic events in some wide open space in Jersey?  

A special note.....for the family's that are teaching children to ride or skate ......A JAMMED PACKED BIKEWAY IS JUST NOT THE IDEAL PLACE FOR THIS!
Ill be very happy when the temp drops!

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