Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moving Fast -Multi Purpose, NYC Cycling!

What Is Bike Culture?


 With an increasingly permanent network of lanes and legal access to office buildings around the city, the bicycle is becoming more entrenched as a mode of transportation. An entity no less mainstream than the United States Department of Transportation is on board, recently describing bicycles and pedestrians as “equals” to trains, planes and automobiles and encouraging further development of cycling infrastructure at the state and federal level.

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New Product...

Burley Travoy  -  The next step in moving cargo!

And shopping Too!


Burley has agreed to let me test the Travoy.

The Urban Mobility Project will be giving this new product a real inner city workout! Can't wait to go shopping with it! 

It detaches from the bike to become a hand truck.The Travoy also has many different bag configurations to carry just about anything up to 60lbs! This should make Big City Life much more tolerable!




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