Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nine Between The Tandems-Hudson River Greenway NYC

Pic 1
A self-portrait in a fantasy mode. Shelly is still figuring out how to build a side-by-side bicycle to accommodate my altered self.

Pic 2
I spend considerable time on the Greenway. I commute on it six days a week and have photographed it often. This nine part series was done in 1997 and this series evolved into a project that I call A/SYMMETRICALS. Many images from this project depict scenes along the Hudson River, the self portrait among them, and I will send more to Shelly from time to time.

Pic 3
My wife and I were walking in the park last Sunday, Riverside Park along the Hudson, and I spied a wheeled contraption that in fact was a reclining bicycle for two on steroids. Standing nearby a figure I thought I recognized. As I approached I saw a face with the trademark smile and knew it was an old acquaintance Shelly the Recumbent guy who used to service my bike many years ago when he ran a bike shop in Chelsea. Over the years we occasionally pass each other and wave going in opposite directions along the Greenway.
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