Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Winter Bicycle Commuting in New York City

Winter / Summer
Head ,Hands and Feet!
Helmet Covers keep out wind. Bear Claws for your hands are great. They can be bought at any motorcycle shop.The Zziper front fairing really keeps the wind off, but the key is the little motorcycle face shield I have mounted to the top of the fairing. Keeping the wind off your face will make you sweat!!
I also have about eight pairs of socks on with water resistant ski socks as the top layer! Notice the frost under my leg, that's from sweating.
I think the temp was about 16 deg's that day. I may even have been a little over dressed.
I'm riding a great winter bike for New York City urban commuting the Easyracers, EZ 3 Recumbent Trike! It also works wonders in the SNOW & ICE!

The other photo is the Zigo Leader Child Carrier in New York's Central Park, its summer no big deal.
Oh yea the Zigo is also a trike!

Never too cold to ride if you dress right, its worth the extra time!

The Everything Guide to the Bike Commute in New York City

Safety Tips

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