Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Burley Travoy Cargo Trailer

My test Travoy Cargo Trailer arrived. Its a great looking new product from Burley Trailers.

Besides the trailer  there are two extremely well thought out sets of bags that clip on and off in a snap! The Travoy Cargo Trailer also folds down and can fit inside the larger bag for transporting without a bike!

This looks like a great new Urban Mobility tool that should make shopping and hauling stuff in NYC even more fun! I think it should hold about three large bags of groceries, Ill find out soon enough!

 I asked one of the Battery Park City Wheel Momma's to give it a whirl. Ill let you know what she thinks as soon as I hear. There she goes off into the sunset!

Yes that's my shadow snapping he picture!

I did ask what she thought so far, her comment was
"Its hard to say, I can't even tell its there!"

You can see other great products from Burley ,,,just click here

My wife already loves it and she just used it to do laundry!

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  1. The Travoy is designed to work with several combinations of Travoy specific upper and lower bags. Travoy Market Bags included Travoy tote bag functions as both a lower bag for the Travoy and for storing the Travoy, which folds up to the size of a briefcase, when it is not in use. Mix and match the upper and lower Travoy bags to suit your needsTandem Trailers