Thursday, February 10, 2011

Caution Live Cargo!

Battery Park City's very own cargo bike service.....
small haul NYC did it's first pet pick up today.....

You can't be everywhere - Yvette Rose of Joulebody Kickstart called with what she thought might be a crazy request.She asked if I could pick up her dog Papi from the vet on east 59th street. I've carried literary everything under the sun

Here I am with everything under the Sun

Papi was handed to me in his little carry bag that I gently placed in my Burley Trailer.
I wanted to stay of roads with heavy traffic so I rode Papi aross 60th street and through Central Park to the West Side Bikeway and down to Battery Park City. I checked on him a few times,he was all snuggled up in a little ball and didn't seem phased by the ride at all. When I took him out of his carrier he was very playful and loaded with energy.

 I was happy to do it!

Another Happy Customer!
Yvette and Papi chulo

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