Saturday, October 16, 2010

American Cargo USA!

Worksman USA
There has been a huge influx of cargo bikes from all-over sea's.Yes, they are great bikes......

However Worksman Cycles is really getting into the cargo market. They've been making CARGO bikes and trikes Since 1898! There are so many Worksman Bikes around NYC that you probably can't see em!

Look at any work trike or bike siting outside the grocery , I bet it's a Worksman!

I've blogged many American cargo bikes in the past but finally noticed them when a neighbor asked about getting her child to school. I noticed that they make a great mini Pedicab, Really - I wish I had the place  I'd buy one tomorrow! 

These bikes are HALF the price of Imports and are beautifully made!

It's truly the perfect Urban Mobility Vehicle!
Check it out "The Family Chariot Cycle" 

Here are some beautiful new products they've  put on the market right here in Queens,NY

From Wayne at Worksman

1) The First image is of the soon to be released Pendleton Wool Mills branded Worksman Cruiser, which is available starting Monday exclusively through Urban Outfitters.

2) Worksman Rat Rod Heavy Duty Tricycle

Both proudly made right here in Ozone Park NYC

You can see a new  Worksman  tricycle that was done in collaboration with  

  and will be part of the Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift Catalog.

Worksman TV spot....
The Today Show Oct 19  between 7AM and 9AM.

Hope too see more from them soon!

Stop buy the Worksman Home Page, you may very surprised !

And tell em UMP sent you!

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