Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Worksman Cycles Today

Go Oil Independent.....
No Need to go Dutch! 

 Worksman USA 

Compact Pedi-Cycle is scheduled to be on as part of the Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift Catalog.

 WOW..I actually caught it on the Today Show! Its a real beauty and I'm sure very affordable.The price tag of a traditional pedicab would knock your socks off @ $4000 - $7000 USD

I wonder if Worksman would agree to give one a trial run in Battery Park City! I think once parents see how Compact and Easy it is to get kids around and go shopping they might actually purchase one!

These Trikes have a much slimmer profile than a traditional  pedicab which makes them extremely easy & fun to ride

Happy Pups
Sorry -its a little blurry - Ill see if I can get a better picture

Don't forget how much cash you'll save and the great health benefits!

  • Pick up the relatives at the Subway
  • Save $$$ and quit the Gym & Spinning classes
  • Lower your Health Insurance Rates
  • Save lots of money on Taxi's and Public Transportation
  • Come and go whenever you want

One thing I'd like to see is weather(rain) protection....I think Ill give em a call!
If you need to get your kids around the neighborhood Pedicab style trikes are the hands down way to go..
I live in Battery Park City and use mine everyday!

Worksman USA

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  1. You have to try the Worksman Team Dual side-by-side tandem. My stoker (wife) has been more friendly since we gave up the Burley Duet and got the trike. Now we can actually hold hands as we cruise Riverside Park.