Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Urban Mobility Project - Not so Small Haul

Small Haul NYC 
Not so small!

Wow my first flatbed job!
That's Mark the customer he chased me down on the bikeway last week and asked if I'd do the job for him. Didn't know these things weight close to 200lbs! When we tried to get it on the dolly we could barley lift it 2 inches off the ground.

We finally got it loaded from the side....cause we were worried about flipping the trike by putting all that weight on the rear!


Mark rode behind making sure all was OK and giving a nice boost once in a while by pushing !.

We arrived at west 86th st intact , was a very slow ride but not as bad as I thought it would be...Organic Engines SUV is totally amazing!!!

 Yes We Can!
For cargo service in Lower Manhattan/Battery Park City/Tribecca/Soho
Urban Mobility Cargo Bike Delivery NYC

Better late than never
Thank You!
To all the 
out there!
 Training in Iraq
one of my favorite photos

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