Saturday, September 12, 2009

10 Top Reasons for Mom to own a Zigo Leader in NYC

Why does a NYC Cycling Mom need a Zigo Leader?

1,You can go bike riding with your kids. You can't loose your balance while riding The Zigo Leader!

2,You can see your kids without turning around and swerving off the road.

3,You can drop off your kids at school and go shopping with the same bike.

4,You can get off the NYC Mass Transit Grid! You'll love bicycle riding on all the fabulous new NYC bikeways with your kids! No more struggling up and down the subway stairs with your ,carriage and your 50lbs of gear hanging off you!!

5,You can eat a lot and lots and lots of CALORIES after your ride!

6,NYC Moms and Kids will love cycling around NYC with the whole family, Stress Free!

7,You will be traveling Pollution Free and causing No Impact!! Using nothing but your own Creative "Energy".

The No Idling law would not apply to you
The Zigo Leader is a ZERO EMISSIONS Vehicle!

8,Zigo Leader front loading trailer is 100% safer than using a rear pull bicycle trailer in NYC traffic!You can always see the kids and you can not tip over, unlike many rear pull trailer designs!

9,The Zigo Leader can be used as a cargo bike and be fully loaded with 100lbs of groceries!

10,The Zigo Leader will change your life,lower your blood pressure and pulse rate.

11, You can go cycling wherever you like with your kids,,,,,,,SAFELY!

Zigo Leader now Available for Rental

Its not Dutch but it's still good!


Ride MOM Ride !

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